You’ll Never Bog Alone



Protestors, including Anti Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy (bottom right) in front of then tánaiste Joan Burton’s car in Jobstown, Tallaght in 2014

Messages of support for the Jobstown 23 are being collated for a new support page on Irish alt-lit zine The Bogman’s Cannon, ahead of their upcoming trials.

Agitator laureate Dave Lordan writes:

OK, at the request of the campaign, I am putting together a writers, artists and academics, etc, support page for the Jobstown 23, to be published on The Bogman’s Cannon.

PM me to get your few words of support added. The 23 victims of Joan Burton’s show trial will have their names dragged through the mud in the mainstream media and the support page will work as a counter to all that.

The Bogman’s Cannon

41 thoughts on “You’ll Never Bog Alone

  1. Rob_G

    The 23 victims of Joan Burton’s show trial…

    Good man; suggest you log off Facebook for a few mins and have a read about how Ireland’s judicial system actually works.

    1. Neilo

      The new Workers’ Soviet will dispense justice – once the Laaaabour’s paid into their bank accounts later this week.

  2. Yeah, Ok


    Idiotic. I find it utterly bizarre that AAA-PBP and the likes are allowed to get away with saying they speak for the people of Ireland.

    5% support, lads.
    FF ruined the country for a generation, FG came in and maintained the status quo, and yet you nutjobs can still only garner 5% support while they have a combined 49. You do not speak for the country. You certainly don’t speak for me. I don’t support those cowardly scumbags dragging every protest (legitimate or otherwise) into the dirt. You’re spoiled children and deserve everything you get.

      1. Yeah, Ok

        Labour are on 5% as well. So the party that the hard left are blaming (unfairly and stupidly – this is why FF will be re-elected) for all of Ireland’s problems are still as popular as them. If you were so inclined you could add them to the establishment parties and bring the total to 54% support.

    1. harry

      you are living in a dream world the legal system is but controlled politically by the cabal mob … the justice workings of the cabal is like unto the mafia …

  3. MMcC

    I believe that we should have a constitutional prohibition on privatising water.

    That is probably the only point on which we might agree. Are you open to views that do not agree with yours?

    I believe
    * that it costs money to provide clean water and to dispose of waste water properly
    * that expecting sufficient funds to be allocated from general taxation is not a runner – as proven by recurring boil water and pollution instances over the years
    * in conservation of water and that it would be helped if we had to pay an amount in excess of a reasonable allowance. (Note that consumption in Dublin dropped the October before the government caved in on implementing a charge for consumption)

    I do not agree that the ‘Jobstown 23’ were or are victims.

  4. Cot

    This case should be dropped. I never had much time for Burton, but pursing protesters is a new low in her life.

    1. brownbull

      she is not pursuing them the state is, perhaps you should get your facts right before you defame people – Broadsheet you moderate posts, why is this libellous comment allowed?

      1. Cot

        She is pursuing them. If she refused to show up as a witness, the DPP would have to drop their case. But no, she wants her revenge, god forbid someone should protest against her water charges.

        1. Nigel

          That’s still not ‘pursuing’ them. You’d think the dangers of whipping up irrational populist outrage would have been amply demonstrated by now.

    1. Cot

      Deputy Burton could drop the matter in 5 mins. She could refuse to be a witness. This has been done many times before. But, Joan’s a self-centred individual, and would prefer to ruin the lifes of young people than have her dignity wounded. And she claims to represent the working people. Sweet jesus.

      1. Harry Molloy

        she, a public representative, was called to be a witness in a public court.
        it would be a huge wrong for her not to attend.
        try harder, with logic if possible

        1. Cot

          Well, she could have given evidence that would go against the DPP. Such as ‘They were fully in their right to protest, I didn’t mind the inconvenience, that’s democracy.’ Instead, like the very wealthy person that she is, who’s totally alienated from communities like Jobstown, she vilifies them, and then goes after them tooth and nail. Stupid plebs, they should know better.

          1. MMcC

            How much understanding of the community was shown by the protesters who spoiled the graduation ceremony taking place that day? Look at to possibly understand who else might have been upset by the protest. Do you not care about those whose graduation was spoiled?

            To my eyes, your version of democracy looks more like attempted intimidation.

          2. Joxer

            @MMc wasnt it reported on here (somewhere i cant find the article) that Burton was told not to come to the presentation and that the students themselves asked that she not be present – and against the advice she turned up and the rest as they say is history.

          3. Joxer

            @neilo. ah now stop it will ya. she was told to stay away, she didnt, She was told she could leave by another entrance and she wouldn’t and the rest is history. Burton is no victim here. She knew what she was doing….getting as much publicity as she could. victim me hoop!

          4. Neilo

            @Joxer: ‘Knew what she was doing’ – you sound like the defendant in a sexual assault case. I’d also like to see this reference to Burton muscling into the graduation as this all smacks of ‘dúirt bean liom go n-dúirt bean léi’. Even if the then Minister wasn’t invited, we all enjoy the right to reasonable freedom of movement and association in this country: a luxury that wasn’t afforded to Burton by a bunch of Trot yobs.

          5. Rob_G

            @ Joxer

            “she was told to stay away” – so its ok that our elected representatives should be intimidated and dictated to by a load of yobs and yahoos?

            F**k them.

    1. Kieran NYC

      He’s not even paying for his own legal representation, and him on a TD’s salary.

      Where’s the rest of the money going, I wonder…

  5. donacha o'dwyer

    We must stand firm with the Jobstown 23. This is state prosecution and persecution of peaceful protesters.


    Perhaps if there was a water tax….certain sections of society might stop having children indiscriminately…that they can’t provide for…and might concentrate their attention on the nippers that they have, so that they don’t ALL become net takers from the State….and that their lot then might improve?….Although they seem to be able to bang kids out, not look after them, AND get a free house….thanks to the folk how are likely to be paying the water tax etc in any event…..its a win win for certain sections…. Of course, we must continue to use education as they tool to take them out of that circle….if they in fact attended the schools…that are paid for…

    1. setanta16

      Who are u referring to that have kids they can’t pay for? Are u suggesting people start aborting their unborn on demand??

  7. Kieran NYC

    Ironically, if these protesters treated their beloved Fidel the same way, they’d be rounded up and shot.

    No ‘PEACEFUL PROTEST, YOU #$&@ @$^&@!!!’ allowed in Cuba.

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