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Protestors, including Anti Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy (bottom right) in front of then tánaiste Joan Burton’s car in Jobstown, Tallaght in 2014

Messages of support for the Jobstown 23 are being collated for a new support page on Irish alt-lit zine The Bogman’s Cannon, ahead of their upcoming trials.

Agitator laureate Dave Lordan writes:

OK, at the request of the campaign, I am putting together a writers, artists and academics, etc, support page for the Jobstown 23, to be published on The Bogman’s Cannon.

PM me to get your few words of support added. The 23 victims of Joan Burton’s show trial will have their names dragged through the mud in the mainstream media and the support page will work as a counter to all that.

The Bogman’s Cannon