The People’s Water


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This evening.

From the report from the Expert Commssion on Water Charges, ecommending a referendum on the ownership of water among other things.

Result, in fairness.

More as we read it.

Majority Should Not Have To Pay For Water Charges , Say Commission (Irish Times)

Expert commission says most should not pay for water (RTÉ)

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35 thoughts on “The People’s Water

  1. DubLoony

    What is considered normal use?
    How will it be measured?
    If I want a meter, can I obtain one?
    If there is no charge, no meter and no definition of excessive use, how will conservation be encouraged if payment is not related to use?
    If only tax payers are paying, automatically 45% of the population will be exempt?
    Will property LPT be increased to cover it?
    A million people paid water charges – will they be refunded? And receive an apology for being made saps of?
    Of those who did not pay, will they pay nothing at all?

    We need €5 billion invested to bring our water up to scratch, to guarantee supply to the whole country, to provide waste water services to the whole country. How will that be paid for?

    Water treatment is the single biggest investment in health that a country can provide.

    1. Paddy

      Invest the €5bn then. We were, very quickly, able to pay billions to bondholders. And the taxes raised to do that haven’t disappeared. €5bn. Get it done. But the ultra-quango Irish Water should be closed.

    2. Richard Pound

      Dublooney just loves everything about white collar crime & the parasitic criminals who abuse it.

      1. Boy M5

        “white collar crime & the parasitic criminals who abuse it.”

        The white collar criminals ARE the criminals.

    3. anne

      Anyone who pays vat ia a tax payer. get petrol for your car, you’re a tax payer. Pay tolls, you’ve pay tax. own a debit or credit card, you’ve paid a tax. Car insurance, government levie. Health insurance. Take a flight. Most people in the country are tax payers…bar the ultra wealthy, most are paying their fair share of taxes.

          1. Cian

            Rob_G: because you can live without petrol, electricity or groceries! Silly.

            Water is life! you can’t mess with our precious bodily fluids!

  2. phil

    This suggest to me that the Minister for the Environment should now resign…

    The report seems to have made huge assumptions about the continued existence of Irish Water corp.

    1. Paddy

      The two environment ministers involved for the most part are no longer in government. Fine Gael and Labour to be precise. Although Naughton is also, in reality FG.

  3. Truth in the News

    If the money that’s used to bale out German Banks was used to provide water
    and sewage services, would there be no funding issue, and where did the money that came from EU structural funds go, what we need is a state engineering body to do the work, in fact we should adopt the US mechanism of setting up an “Army Corp of Engineering” and do the work directly…..and spend the money at home instead of Army and Navy overseas adventures
    If an additional water tax is to be attempted, it should be opposed as where has
    part of the motor tax and VAT increases gone since the late 70’s, in fact the taxpayer
    has got no value for the money spent, one great impact was the wipe out of
    political comforts for Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour, none of them can ever
    achieve a majority to get away with what they did in the past.
    And the opposition has not gone away you know, the next target should be the abolishment
    of the TV Licence, let the Government cought it up, as the current RTE output promotes and
    backs Government policy without question.

  4. martco

    this is a load of baloney stealth manure….almost verbatim the type of marketing horsesht we were fed years ago about the bins, now look

    just heard Howlin on the wireless…he couldn’t win his argument so he decided to talk over the dissenting voice, prat

    back to the streets methinks because this deafness has to end (and the likes Howlin needs to be made redundant imo anyway)

    1. Topsy

      Absolutely, this “excessive usage” bullpoo won’t be accepted.
      No discussion here or mention on the 6 o’ clock of Cerberus paying the princely sum of € 1900 on € 77 million profits from Project Eagle.
      Makes me puke. Joe Public is still being lectured on austerity while the elites ride the rest of us.
      Will there be any criminal prosecutions in light of what the banks did to tracker mortgage holders. Of course not. Accusations of criminal and fraudulent activities were levied against the banks today on the the national airwaves, however the bonus culture is back in full swing.

  5. anne

    That gobshite Coveney was on the state broadcaster going off smiling, like the cat that got the cream..all chuffed with himself that he got to spout his ready prepared spiel. He kept on about people who leave their taps running…and those with constant sprinklers on? Who rhe fupp are these people? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a private house using a sprinkler in this country. In the U.S. yes..not here. Fix the fupping leaks gobshite.

    This recommendation will bring in charges through the back door.. general taxation to cover a certain allowance and charges to cover what would be in excess of your allowance.

    Deja fupping vu, part deux. Didn’t they already promise people an allowance..after the threats of turning off their water or turning it to a trickle?

  6. martco

    that’s ‘cos Coveney imagines a world where he’s living on the West Coast mixing it up with all the other CEO bossmen like the brother, possibly San Dee-ah-gow, maybe the reality sometimes blurs with the dreams
    that and also being a gobshite

  7. Truth in the News

    Would not the 5 odd Billion spent baling out Irish Nationwide have been better
    spent on water and sewage infrstructure, and the Central Bank holding an
    Inquiry today long after the event they allowed to happen in the first instance.

  8. Neilo

    It would, except the collapse of Anglo et al would have triggered a run on the banks and complete financial rule. We’d also now have beads for currency and balls of our own sh1te for bullets.

  9. dav

    redacted and his blushirted slaves won’t like their water privatisation scheme thwarted, expect more protesters brought to political trial shortly..

  10. Kolmo

    All of a sudden we are all excessive users – shareholders win, Overseas IW owners praised in their own papers as geniuses, politicians patted on the head by their owners (see above)

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