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Bertie Ahern

On the possible return of Bertie Ahern to the political stage….

David Wall writes:

The Liberal Left: architects of the modern day malaise we find ourselves in, the ones to blame for the plight of the worker, the state of the country, the failure of multiculturalism. The lily livered left have much to answer for.

Yet this argument is baffling. I can understand the words, but not the logic. Surely for the left to be blamed for the current climate we find ourselves in the parties of the left must have been in power.

The media must be propagating a socialist policy whereby the right are victimised and we have been led blindly to our own social destruction by Trotskyites.

Who could forget those great liberal lefties Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair and David Cameron. Those soft hearted, socially pandering politicians have made left leaning decisions constantly at the expense of private industry and profit making.

These valiant champions of the working people have hindered the development of private wealth. These men and women who have consistently stripped a magnificent health service of public funding, given their schools to private companies and privatised their postal service at a loss must surely be left leaning. Somehow this is the logic that we meet.

That the left is to blame for modern problems and yet they have had no power (before people jump on the inclusion of Tony Blair I am aware he was a Labour P.M. however his actions outdid even the conservatives).

Let’s not forget our own social warriors like Charlie McCreevy, Phil Hogan and Charlie Haughey. All liberal lefties who have crippled our country through their socially minded inclusive policies.

How these men, representative of the political class, have brought the private sector to its knees is astounding. These Guevaras, these valiant men must be saluted as heroes of the left. Not to mention the left leaning media as owned by Denis O’ Brien and Rupert Murdoch.

Now, as we face crises both nationally and internationally our main opposition party, who are propping up a floundering government, are inviting back the architect of our travails. A man, who resigned rather than be banished, is being brought back as the great white hope.

Here is a man who knows how to win elections, knows his constituency inside out and knows exactly his own role in our plight. And here is a public being ridiculed again. The arrogance of both centre right parties is astonishing and would be hilarious if it wasn’t so insulting.

The reason I am writing this is because I am sick of hearing how the left are to blame, regardless of the problem. The left have not been in power to actually make any decisions in Ireland, England or the US. In fact there is no liberal left in Ireland. Both of our functioning parties are to the right of centre. This is indisputable.

The left is in disarray both here and in England while the middle class and working class get squeezed tighter and tighter. Of course nothing changes because there is no option. There is no alternative to politics of the right in Ireland.

The media dismisses the parties who try to take up the mantle of the left as being radical and loony. They are presented as being incapable and even to blame for where we are now.

All the while the established parties somehow are presented as the safe option. The parties who forced us into this crisis and who implemented a failed austerity policy are the ones to trust.

This leads me again back to where I started…the damn left have got us into this trouble. Let’s keep voting the same heroes back into power. If we do, maybe we can keep the housing crisis going, watch homelessness rise, see the privatisation of water we already pay for, watch hospital overcrowding reach record highs on a weekly basis and maybe see a rise in emigration again.

David Wall is a 31-year-old ‘sheet reader.

Potential Bertie Ahern return sets Fianna Fáil eyes rolling (Irish Times)

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30 thoughts on “Re-Enter Stage Right

      1. Norbet Cooper

        Traitor… who lest we forget was fronting the effort to buy our forests for international vulture funds.

  1. Richard Pound

    How anyone can defend the likes of FF, FG & Labour is beyond comprehension…corrupt to the core the lot of them

  2. Harry Molloy

    I’m hugely confused Ted. Just goes to show how different peoples perceptions are, I don’t see what this writer claims to see in the first paragraph.
    Maybe because left/right at this stage are just too simplistic.

      1. Harry Molloy

        oh I know, even taking that into account though :-)

        maybe just me.

        anyway, nice to see a submission from a reader!

        1. edalicious

          I think it applies more to the UK and US, where people seem to be saying that failures by the Left have forced them to vote Right but, as the writer goes on to say, it’s all a load of bollix.

    1. :-Joe

      Yep… but left and right is more than just simplistic, it’s a handy tool for dumbing everything down into polar opposites and manufacturing consent by keeping everything simple to manage within a binary choice.

      YES | NO
      ON | OFF
      UP | DOWN
      GOOD | BAD

      Nobody is ever 100% either way most of the time on almost every issue, unless you’re a rigid fundamentalist or extremist in your point of views.

      Most people are very similar in their views, but you can’t keep people fighting and not organising if they get to agree with each other more often than not.

      We can’t have society mobilising itself and progressing out of control now can we?


    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      @ Scundered;
      I agree.
      The Gay New World you propose sounds like a Utopian paradise, (for the first 30 – 40yrs at least, maybe).
      I’ll be gone by then and I’ve lost interest in sex already, so I’ll be grand.

      1. Scundered

        well although I was kind of joking, nearly all the problems we read about in the media wouldn’t exist if humans didn’t :)

  3. :-Joe

    Great opinion piece -100% Bang on…

    The looney left make the most noise, have either raised and championed trying to deal with most of the important issues that are talked about on here regularly and accross the media.



    BUT NOW IT’S FF/FG/LAB – The Trilateral Party For Foreign Unaccountable Corporate Financial Elites.

    In britain many similar types of traitors want Tony Blair to be taken back into the Lab PartyUK because they can’t find anyone more controversially corrupt and despised who is willing to outdo his own neo-right-wing machinations of betraying the public trust, shaming the office of prime minister and basically being a prostitute( and not a good one) to the highest international bidder.

    Remind you of anyone closer to home(Apart from ennDDDAAAAAHHH and Mickey Martian ofc.)

    Watch the documentary “The Killing$ of Tony Blair”.. – Tony has moved up in the world lateley, usually it’s arms dealers and rogue-state depots that are his favourite but anything’s ok if it’s ching’-ching’ for his foundation and the likes of clinton, netinyahoolunatic, kissenger war criminal extraordinaire and various other shady financial elites all approve…

    I know Bertie”I’d Love A Bung” Aherne is not quite as high a flyer getting paid as much for his speeches… and that he is not a war criminal per say.. but in terms of ethics and practices he’s not that far off Blair. In many ways he emulates him and follows his lead.

    All this kind of behaviour allowing both of them to be even considered for a return from the past (like a dodgy character from a f.uc.k.ed up cheap horror film made on a roll of used toilet paper) is a very stark insight into level of contempt that the post-political class and the system has for citizens and any concept of democracy.

    Just when you think drumpf will keep the world busy, now we get a three for one special on the turd sandwiches…


    Nooooo… can’t trust the looney left… they represent the political idealogy of the failed liberal elite that fell asleep at the wheel and did not do the right thing to stop all the bad people who are corrupt in the system or even just deal with the ignorant and poor and angry and y’know.. refugees, black or the knackers etc.. etc.

    Great bit of spin on both sides of the atlantic.. – I’m sure it’s already swallowed at this stage by most of you who keep voting for these clowns badly-acting as leaders.


  4. Clampers Outside!

    ” The left is in disarray both here and in England ”

    Understatement of the past two decades!

    The left is a fuppin’ lying two faced joke these days due to chasing populist nonsense and listening to virtue signalers on the internet.

    Grow a pair! And not just the left one, no ball left behind !

  5. Truth in the News

    The rehabilitation of Bertie back into the ranks of Soldiers of Destiny should be expedited,
    as he seemed to be quite successful at the races, in fact he could be appointed the Honorary
    State OfficIal Tipster since he was able to tell the Tribunal of his achievements at the race track.

  6. Niallo

    “Sitting on the sidelines, cribbing and moaning is a lost opportunity. I don’t know how people who engage in that don’t commit suicide.”
    Good man Bertie, good man.

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