Dial That Spin



*sound of miniscule violin*

Previously: Kate Fitzgerald on Broadsheet

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68 thoughts on “Dial That Spin

  1. Odockatee

    Never been a fan of the family business so I could never warm to him. This sounds interesting though….

  2. ivan

    Yes yes yes i know he’s the spawn of that evil Crone and all that, but he wasn’t a bad broadcaster…

    1. Kieran NYC

      From what I could tell he did less misery porn and bored housewife radio than Ray, which was a good thing.

      As long as they don’t replace him with Neil Delamare…

  3. Anne

    “parted ways” huh?
    W-anton, you got the boot. Let’s deal with the reality.. not the PR spiel mammy told you to say.

    Your services were no longer required.

    Maybe you could get a job on Tipp fm or something.. Would they take you I wonder? What about Clare FM. Limerick’s Live 95 might have a slot even.

    Would the Communications Clinic have you back? Ma would hardly not give you a job.

    There’s always the dole. Happy Christmas.

  4. Fully Keen

    Thought he was good. Then I noticed the veneer. And training. And some posts on here about his other business. No thanks.

  5. bertie blenkinsop

    Funny the difference an “n” makes…
    if his name was Anto Savage I’d definitely tune in.

  6. Not Gerry Adams

    He was quite good on the radio.
    Wonder if Una Mullally will write another waffle-piece on how only womyn should be considered to replace him (answer: yes)

    1. Boy M5

      Depends on the man.

      He’s not some minimum wage with a mortgage on a negative equity house and a family to support.

      1. Pornograffiti

        So what ? Are they the only ones who deserve sympathy or basic courtesy or respect when having a bad time?

  7. Boy M5

    He’ll simply do what everyone else in Irish media is doing, move further to the right…. and work for Dinny at Newstalk.

  8. perricrisptayto

    Hope the lad doesn’t struggle to find a new “job”
    Can’t be too easy at his age.
    Please God he can depend on his parents until things pick up for him.

  9. jusayinlike

    His auld one will look after him right nice me thinks, this man will not be on the dole queue

    1. Bodger

      Turgenev, a young woman who once worked for Anton lost her life. Anton and his mother, to protect their own reputations, told lies about this woman. They never apologised, explained or eased up and treated her family with contempt. She was a ‘sheet commenter so we took a special interest: https://www.broadsheet.ie/2016/08/23/five-years-after/ Anton then threatened to financially ‘destroy’ us (not too difficult, in fairness) for telling this woman’s story.

      1. anne

        Wanton and the ma are some pieces of work.

        Tis a pity The Irish Times caved under those threats.

        I’ve a feeling their karmic debt is far from settled yet too..

      2. Lady GArden-GArden

        That’s complete BS. She killed herself. You drew their fire with bolloxology allegations and innuendo. That’s business.

        1. anne

          I believe it was Kate’s own words – someone with direct experience of these people, that drew their fire.

          Broadsheet weren’t intimidated by them. That’s business also.

          Go away and have some respect.. ye cretins.

      1. A very happy/nasty Ian D. Vidual

        It’s either satirical swipes or sniper training, and it’s cold out, Terry.

      2. Pornograffiti

        The gas thing is that they’ve deleted a lot of the comments calling the cyber bullies out

        1. A very happy/nasty Ian D. Vidual

          Cyber bullies – LOL for eternity

          It appears you need to refresh your understanding of the purpose of satire

          It’s apologist enabler minions like yourself that are truly failed and deserve to be mocked as viciously and often as possible

          1. Pornograffiti

            How is pointing out that cyber bullying by character assassination is dystopian and clueless equating to “enabling” a third party mr Vidual?

          2. A very happy/nasty Ian D. Vidual

            Imagine feeling suicidal and then being bullied for those very feelings by your employer, quite the dystopian workplace would you not agree. It’s unfortunate some have to be shamed into doing the right thing, but if The Communications Clinic feel justified in their reprehensible actions, which your comments may well help to enable, how will they treat the next poor soul?

  10. Liam Deliverance

    I hadn’t read that story before, https://www.broadsheet.ie/2016/08/23/five-years-after/, it is an excellent post with equally excellent contributions. Be warned though it is a long one, took me almost 2 hours to read but well worth it. Comments are closed on that article so I have to give a tip of my hat to Anne (anne) here for her contribution and offer my condolences to the family and friends involved. Rest in Peace Kate Fitzgerald.

  11. Lady GArden-GArden

    Broadsheet missed this – published by THE IRISH TIMES, scotching the conspiracy theory:

    Wed, Jun 22, 2016

    “My daughter, Kate Fitzgerald, who died five years ago in Dublin this August, would have been 30 years old this month. She was the head of the Democrats Abroad in Ireland, and worked very hard to elect a president who restored the reputation of America after it endured the disastrously misguided foreign and domestic policies of George W Bush and the Republican Party.

    Sea Ranch,


      1. EightersGonnaEight

        If the IT had an agenda they wouldn’t have published it. Especially as it is total BS. Reputation restored. Sure: Gitmo, drones,…secretary of state with a private email server and no policies for President other than “it’s my turn”.

    1. bob

      How does this “scotch the conspiracy theory”?

      I was going to hazard a guess or two, but they would be so illogical that I can’t see the point.

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