‘The School Put A Hypothetical Case To Tusla’



Further to yesterday’s story in The Irish Times, by Patsy McGarry, about an alleged sexual assault against a boy in King’s Hospital, Palmerstown, Dublin…


Mr McGarry reports:

“The school contacted lawyers on Friday for legal opinion on dealing with the matter, and was advised to report it to Tusla and the gardaí immediately.”

“However, this was not done until late on Tuesday afternoon of this week. By this stage, The Irish Times had contacted the school with questions about the matter.”

It has also emerged the boy’s family was told last Friday that the school had been in contact with Tusla.”

“This was understood by the family to mean the alleged incident had been reported to Tusla. However, it is understood the school had put a hypothetical case to the agency, seeking an opinion on what was the best course of action in an apparently construed situation.”

School delayed reporting alleged sexual assault for four days (Irish Times)

Previously: In Palmerstown

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30 thoughts on “‘The School Put A Hypothetical Case To Tusla’

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    A child is violated and the first call is to the lawyers, not the gardai, or hospital.

    Priorities, eh?

          1. Kolmo

            Refer to the story above regarding whistleblowers.. nothing changes is this half-republic…same c-units in charge, different century.

  2. Boj

    Whomever thought this was the best course of action needs to take a good look at themselves and of course resign if not be fired. Disgraceful to submit a ‘what if?’ scenario when this had actually occurred.
    In addition is it officially Palmerstown or Palmerston?

  3. Mr. Camomile T

    The two big unknowns from this are:

    If the Irish Times hadn’t found out about the “alleged” sexual assault would the authorities ever have been contacted?

    How many incidents like this have gone unreported in the past, at this and other similar institutions?

  4. serf

    If seek legal advice on something like this and then choose to disregard it, you’ve no leg to stand on. Terrible judgement. Not sure how long that boarding school will last.

  5. Boy M5

    Interesting that Patsy McGarry is reporting on this. He’s a religious affairs correspondent. Are the Irish Times hesitating in putting a crime correspondent on the story?

    1. Common Projekts

      The way he tells it, Patsy was contacted first, so it’s his exclusive. He gave a few further details in an interview on Sean O’Rourke today. By the sounds of things, the school principal is in a spot of bother. Or if he is not, he should be.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      I heartily agree. More Religious Correspondents should be recruited immediately. Then we can play ping pong about how much chjild abuse occurs in which ‘religious’ institutions, and keep score, rather than concentrate on the circumstances which give rise to opportunities for child abuse – on a societal basis. BTW this does not mean that I endorse the plethora of farty ‘child protection’ agencies which have proliferated under the previous government and the current one – TUSLA et al.

    1. Cian

      Did the school not have a Child Protection Policy and Officer?

      Perhaps they do, and Step 1 is to lawyer-up?

  6. DubLoony

    A crime is alleged, the gardai are the only people who should be contacted who are then responsible for investigation.

    So much for child first policies & protections. School reputation utmost concern.

  7. Murtles

    So if the confiscated the alleged assaulters phones, what’s to say the school haven’t wiped any evidence themselves then put out “the new policy with regard to mobile phones for 1st to 3rd-year boarders was to have them hand-up their phones at night” statement.

    The schools reputation (and revenue) was obviously put first and foremost in this case instead of the welfare of the student. Perpetrators will get a rap on the knuckles and Daddy will drive them to the next fee paying school if they are expelled from this one.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Well aren’t you just fuppin’ hillarious! It takes a special kind of vvanker to make a joke out of a child anally gangraped by a hockey stick.

      I hope you pi$$ razorblades for the rest of your rotten life.

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