Who Is Jonathan Sugarman?



From top: Cover and sample page of Jonathan Sugarman’s book The Whistleblower; and Mr Sugarman (centre) at the launch of his book at Buswells Hotel in Dublin this morning, with MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan and Diarmuid O’Flynn, of Ballyhea Says No

A bit of a hero, in fairness.

Jonathan Sugarman is a former executive at Unicredit Bank Ireland in Dublin’s IFSC who resigned in September 2007 after giving a detailed account of enormous liquidity breaches at his bank a year before the financial crash.

Mr Sugarman, whose warning were ignored by the Central Bank, gave an address (above) to MEPs last week and earlier today launched his book The Whistleblower, published with the help of Luke Flanagan MEP, in Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2.

Those who wish can buy the book, priced €3.75, a on Smashwords here

Transcript via Oireachtas.ie

Pics: Smashwords and Denis pⓐrfёnov

Thanks Richard Farrell

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17 thoughts on “Who Is Jonathan Sugarman?

  1. Donal

    His story has been doing the rounds for years, and ignored by mainstream media for years.
    It’s almost as though they don’t want you to know. Or they assume that everyone thinks that his story is but a small part of the larger story of the time, and it was all reported on more or less, and now is the time to look forward not back.
    Fair dues to Ming and others for their efforts to publicise it more, as I fear nothing has been learned, the same errors (it’s only kindness that describes them as errors) will occur again and the rich will have their fortunes protected again by the non-rich.

    1. Kolmo

      Nothing wanted to be learned, media and property interests have fully converged. We are currently in a supernova property bubble now, evictions and countless court cases by offshore leech/vulture/gecko funds are incredibly immoral, just because it’s all legal, and enthusiastically backed-up by the so-called State cannot excuse the immoral nature of the whole mess.

      1. michael heery

        Charlie bertie etc but who are all the rest of the thieves,,
        surely there must be a MR BIG,,,

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      What does Broadsheet mean by “who is Jonathan Sugarman”? The article (short though it is) makes it clear who he is and why we should be grateful to him. Aaaah, buy de book, for fecks sake, I will – just for the hell of it – he should get something for his efforts.

  2. Paddy

    And there’s Noonan and Bruton and Burton still lording it. If anyone wants to know how the ordinary Irish people
    Ended up the patsies and who should be really held responsible then look/listen to that video

  3. hans landa

    Would carry a lot more weight if it didn’t have that clown Ming Flannagan associated with it. Cant take Ming seriously and therefore can’t take report seriously.

    1. Donal

      If you can’t take Ming seriously that’s your problem. He is a tireless worker for the issues he believes in and has deep knowledge of them, he is informed and articulate and always makes relevant points.
      You may disagree but you should take him seriously and argue with his opinion if you want

      1. Nollaig

        Still skeptical of Ming since he got on his high horse about Guards forgiving penalty points when the media was willing to give the issue airtime, but all the while was writing letters left and right to get forgiveness for his own points, because of his position. Fool me once… Don’t think he’s genuine – get the sense that if the govt said “that’s black”, he’d say “no that’s white” regardless.

          1. michael heery

            Kinehand and Hutch and bertie and charlie and bertie were jackeens,,
            even gay byrne pat kenny marty whelehan yep great talent in dublin tribe,,

    2. CantankerousPat

      I don’t think Luke Ming is a clown. He is a lonely voice in Brussels calling attention to how wealth has been transferred from the many to the few. Transfer of wealth without consent is frequently known as theft.

      He hasn’t accepted that the laws of capitalism only apply to the little people.

      Listen to what he says; ignore how he looks.

  4. barry

    While I agree 100% with what Jonathan, Ballyhea and Ming are doing the book is not helping, imo. It is a rambling set of bits and pieces, facts, opinions, comments, etc. Not a coherent story of a VERY serious matter.

    Anybody coming across it will think it is the ramblings of a ranter, which is not true. Given the short attention span of the media it will not broaden the discussion.

    In addition it is seen as “old news” Noonan and co have said all that stuff is now prohibited, not true. Noonan only stopped section 110 in the last budget, after the vulture funds had had their fill.

  5. Big steo

    Any outing of criminal behaviour leading to the collapse of our economy should be front page, unfortunatly our media outlets are controlled by the elite few.

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