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Fweed tweetz:

Now medicinal cannabis is going to be legal, how about a statue of WB O’Shaughnessy on South William Street [in Dublin]?


WB O’Shaughnessy?

Related: Medicinal cannabis bill passed by Dail without vote (RTE)

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6 thoughts on “It Starts Here

  1. DubLoony

    Still a bit of work to be done on it before its available on prescription.
    Fascinating life story of yer man in that link, had never heard of him before.

    1. jackson

      It does remove it from misuse of drugs act in process, effectively discriminilising personal amounts. Unless that part was amended

  2. Pat Harding

    Whoever drafted the Med Can Bill made a ducks arse of it. Quite amazed it got through having been largely copied, pasted and redacted from Ming’s Regulation of Cannabis Bill 2013. That said a score is a score.

    As for the Statue of WB O’S on South William Street, it’s the perfect location given that it is ‘The Hashquarter of Freetown’

    1. Kieran NYC

      Duck’s arse how? I’ve heard very little about the details of the actual bill.

      But pleasantly surprised the usual Joe Duffy crowd didn’t spike it.

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