22 thoughts on “Mmmm. Crumlin

    1. Rob_G

      I thought it was funny enough; maybe not funny enough to warrant its own post, but still.

      (Still infinitely funnier than Joe Dole or the leather daddy fellow).

      1. anne

        shur they have keep it a bit dumb for some around here..the same ones who complain about these posts and skip on by anything a bit more complicated.

  1. Harry Molloy

    Content has been lacking a little lately, columns wise. We scared Mercille, Anne Marie, and the other SD chap off.

    I did see Mercille and the other Dr. Young Fella on the journal a week or two back.
    How can we get them back? Will we have to agree with all they say?

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            I’ll say only this: there’s a shocking lack of Xmas cheer around here this year.

            We were all full of Xmas love last year. Look what 2016 has done to us. Cynical and bitter.

          2. Harry Molloy

            ah this is just me and Anne playing, can be hard to detect tone sometimes through text but take it from me, we’re wild about each other really

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