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The animal-human sculptural hybrids of Italian artist Alessandro Gallo – stoneware and mixed media figures caricaturing the diversity of human experience – each one between 30cm and 60cm tall.

We’re all in there somewhere.

You think you’re the hare but you’re probably the thorny devil.


Like a series of Fallout 4 dioramas, the sculptures of Parisian artist Simon Laveuve are dilapidated last refuges covered with graffiti, empty, echoing with signs of recent habitation, overgrown with vegetation in the aftermath of some apocalyptic event. Sez he:

My pieces, for the most part, have this aspect of shelter… I like to work on the height and the inaccessible. Protection and surrender. Fallen icons and their symbolism. Resistance and insubordination.

Substitute your own metaphor(s).


The gemstone, silver and gold filigree and rotational gear armoured carapaces of entomological studies by French artist Steeven Salvat which he describes as:

….allegory for the preciosity of biological systems. A way to drive attention to our smallest neighbours on this planet—we need to preserve them because they are worth much more than all the gold and jewels I dressed them with.

In fairness.