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A recent compilation from kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen showcasing the latest iterations of his extraordinary wind and solar-powered beach walkers. One day, the creator has expressed his wish:

…to put these animals out in herds on the beaches, so they will live their own lives.


Previously: Animaris Mulus


One of 12 replacement gargoyles (their predecessors had weathered away) added to the 12th century Paisley Abbey in Scotland as part of a restoration project back in 1991.

Between Aliens and Alien³.

In fairness.


The work of Cypriot tattoo artist Andres Vrontis who generates ASCII computer art (using characters and numbers to form pointillist images) then meticulously inks every character in black to create greyscale portraits.


A new installation by British artist Lucy Sparrow (you may recall her 2014 Kickstarter funded London Corner Shop and 2017 Manhattan bodega).

Occupying 260 square meters of the Standard Highline Hotel in LA, Sparrow Mart is a whimsical homage in felt to US convenience goods: from ramen noodles and Reese’s Puffs to strawberry jelly and personal hygiene products.

31,000 hand-made felt items that took her a full year to create.


The work of French artist Julien Malland aka ‘Seth Globepainter’, exploring the worder, innocence and creativity of childhood at various locations in Paris and Neuf Brisach in Alsace.


Brundrett House at Ashfield in Kent – a condemned office building , deftly manipulated by sculptor Alex Chinneck.

If you’re passing (the sooner the better as the building is due for demolition soon), the address is: Tannery Lane, Ashfield, TN23 1PN.