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The very pleasing embroidered aerial landscapes of Devon-based Victoria Rose Richards: textured French knot forests, satin fields ’tilled’ with seed stitch, sudden multicoloured flights of fancy and minuscule added detail including teeny sheep, farm gates and wheeling birds.

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On this day in 2009, the death of Edward Delaney RHA.

Irish History Bitesize! tweetz:

Award-winning @Aosdana sculptor. Studied @NCAD_Dublin & Germany. eg Thomas Davis on College Green (angels later, awakening 4 provinces), Wolfe Tone & Great Hunger in St Stephen’s Green, Dublin. 

The serene variegated sculptures of Australian artist Gil Bruvel – his expression of Vipassanā meditation, which strives for introspective, judgement-free contemplation of the mind.

Composed of stacked and glued, burned and painted sticks, pixellated up close and coherent at a distance serving as “a reminder of what it looks like to be centred and at peace.”

Fadó fadó…

More of his work here.


“To a raven and the hurricanes which bring back smells of humans in love from unknown places”: an elaborately titled but rather adorable exhibition at Madrid’s Reina Sofia’s Palacio de Cristal by Kosovar visual artist Petrit Halilaj in collaboration with his fellow artist (and partner) Álvaro Urbano.

A metaphorical nest with oversized oversized forsythia, palm seeds, cherry blossom, poppy, carnation, and lily blooms – all based on the elaborately decorated nests created by courting bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus): ‘a place for the celebration of love’, according to Halilaj. 



The stainless steel sculptures of Australian artist Georgie Seccull (bottom pic) who sez of her process:

We are born out of chaos in darkness and come into the light—my process is much the same: I begin with a thousand pieces scattered on the ground, then working almost like a jigsaw puzzle, I pick them up one by one and allow each piece to come together organically and dictate the outcome

More of her work here.