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A fascinating mini documentary by Kevin Staake, appropriately tilt-shifted to illustrate the morbid miniatures of Abigail Goldman.

Goldman – an artist,  former reporter and current public defender at Bellingham, Washington – creates dioramas of death and destruction based on the gruesome crime scene photos and autopsies she observes in the course of her day job.


A 751-piece monochromatic tribute to the 1928 cartoon that introduced the world to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  

The set features hidden wheels, moving steam pipes and crane, rotating paddle wheels, special Mickey and Minnie monochrome minifigs, Mickey’s parrot, Minnie’s guitar and music sheet, and a “potato bin”.

€90 from LEGO.


Three dimensional paper typography by Portland-based artist and graphic designer Alia Bright – writ large in elegantly combined colours, curves and shadows.


A 2018 audio-visual work by Belgian artist Joanie Lemercier that explores the vastness of the Cosmos using 3D orbs and morphing geometries projected onto water particles over a rippling water surface with an accompanying soundscape provided by Paul Jebanasam.

Currently on a tour of the Universe, starting on Earth.


One of a series of online tutorials by artist Tom McPherson of Circle Line Art School, this mesmerising video shows how to create anamorphic cityscapes using strategically shaded squares and lines.


An illustrated project by architect and artist Yunil Nam in pencil, collage and photomontage – a combined ‘funerary venue’ and coral cultivation facility in the Indian ocean inspired by (a) a tradition of Indian Zoroastrianism and (b) Jules Verne’s ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea’. To wit:

Indian zoroastrianism… involves the depiction of an historical and religious funerary place called ‘tower of silence.’ this tower is told to have the purpose of revitalizing endangered vultures which prey upon the dead bodies of humans….the architect proposes a process of decay and regeneration in the form of visionary burials called ‘tectonic vultures.’ this system consists of such new techniques in body decomposition as freeze-drying and liquefaction, transforming the human body into nutrients in the forms of powder and liquid. coral, the urban infrastructure of marine life, is then fed by those processes and subsequently reverted back into its natural condition.

Take from that what you will.


A trailer for the documentary ‘Float’ which showcases the niche ‘sport’ of flying ultralight diaphanous, rubber band powered model airplanes.

The film follows two American competitors, Brett Sanborn and Yuan Kang Lee, as they prepare for and compete at the  F1D World Championships in Romania.


The work of Polish artist Alicja Kwade – three-quarter finished pieces of furniture supported by the attached remains of the tree trunks from which they’re carved.


An impressive get-together featuring characters from all manner of sci-fi sagas, franchises and one-offs by graphic artist Jeff Carlisle.

Lose yourself in more detail here.