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Pies (the word scarcely does them justice) by Seattle-based baker Lauren Ko.

From top: Blueberry mint curd tart with kiwi diamonds; hexagon tile pie with edible flowers; miso caramel apple snowflake pie; Vegan black sesame tart with coloured tangrams; peach curd tart with strawberries; cherry berry ombré tart; cranberry and lime curd tart with mango tiles and peach mango ‘C’ pie.

More here.


Stephanie Pokomy wins Halloween with a crocheted luminescent Slimer costume created for her son.

In fairness.


Taiwan’s recently opened National Kaohsiung Centre For The Arts, Weiwuying – a vast performing arts venue (the world’s largest by far) covering 35 acres of a 116 acre park in the southern port city of Kaohsiung.

The undulating structure, built by Dutch engineering firm Mecanoo and inspired by the undulating canopy of local banyan trees, incorporates a 2,236-seat opera house, a 1,981-seat concert hall, a 1,210-seat playhouse, a 434-seat recital hall, and an outdoor theatre built into the sloping roof.


Over the last 25 years, Ross MacDonald has created thousands of paper props for TV and film productions including Parks And Recreation, Boardwalk Empire, Baby’s Day Out and Silver Linings Playbook: documents, letters, licences – each one meticulously composed and – as this fascinating mini-documentary shows – imbued with its own backstory.


A cross-stitched ‘intervention’ on a wall in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal by artist and graphic design student Ana ‘Aheneah’ Martins consisting of 2300 screws and nearly 700m of yarn.

A celebration of the freedom of youth expressed by a digital image applied using an analogue medium.

More of her work here.


The January 2019 cover of Marvel’s Tony Stark: Iron Man #8 by Alexander LozanoTo wit:

Tony Stark’s greatest enemy is back.

Who knew?

Everyone, apparently.


Visions of some technological, industrial and urban future by Russian digital artist Evgeny Kazantsev. 

More here and here.


Villains – portraits of evil archetypes by Chet Zar.

All seeking your vote in the upcoming Presidential election.

Part of a larger show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, if you’re passing.


More incredible dioramas by Japanese miniaturist Tatsuya Tanaka – a sample of over 2500 such models created on a daily basis for the last seven years.

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