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Scenes from this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival, featuring 29 light-based installations around the city’s canals and historic centre created by artists, designers and architects.

Above (from top): Gali May Lucas, “Absorbed by Light”; “Michela Bonzi, “Antenna Sud”; Peter Vink, “Mr. J.J. van der Veldebrug”; Jeroen Henneman, “Two Lamps”; OGE Group, “Light a Wish,”; Ivana Jelić & Pavle Petrović, “Starry Night” and Alicia Eggert, “All the Light You See”.


An addendum to yesterday’s post about the dollhouse furniture of Japanese miniaturist Kiyomi.

Namely, her insanely tiny model patisserie. 

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The work of Japanese miniaturist Kiyomi – who creates meticulously detailed furniture and decorations for dollhouses – placed alongside normally proportioned objects to highlight the scale.


Before and after Japan-level dog grooming by Grace Chon – also available as a delightful coiffey table book.


Ah forget it. 


Conceptual ‘sculptures’ by London based creative agency Rosie Lee For Nike’s Air Max (a design originally inspired by a visit to the Pompidou Centre in Paris during the 80s by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield).

Two other homages (to the Air Max 90 and Air Max 95) are, variously, nods to the culture of record crate diggers (early adopters of the 90) and the anatomy of the foot, which inspired designer Sergio Lozano to create the Air Max 95


Line By Line Posters – film stills and portraits painstakingly picked out, pointillist style, in the positive and negative space of hand-written music lyrics and movie dialogue related to the subject by artist Mike Matola.

Each piece requires up to 80 hours work. My Neighbour Totoro (in blue, above) – featuring the entire movie script written out in Japanese – took six months to complete.


The intricate pencilings of JaeCheol Park (aka ‘PaperBlue’) – done in the style of architectural drawings but given fantastical free reign to merge and blur into dreamlike urban environments.

The artist, based in Seongnam, South Korea offers YouTube tutorials here.


A mini doc showing the construction from scratch of a Patek Philippe 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watch – an immensely detailed 175th anniversary timepiece (based on the 1933 Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch.

The 5175R was first released in 2014 priced at €2,300,000 but is probably worth considerably more now.


A rather fabulous set of characters created from Proctor & Gamble potato and wheat based stackable treat packaging tubes by Japanese university student and papercrafter Haruki.


Metal sculptures by British artist Penny Hardy (based on the artist’s own physique) which repurpose rusted gears, bolts and tools, displayed alone or in pairs to express aspects of human emotion relating to one another or the environment around them.