6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Donger

    I rented the current model (which looks identical) in the states two years back. All cheap and plasticky inside but great fun to drive the on big wide roads! Makes lots of noise and attracts strange men in 7/11 car parks that ask questions about ‘her’ which made no sense to me. Smile and nod was my usual answer

    1. Andy

      Yep, I’ve driven it too and while it looks class from the outside, inside it’s like a plastic fisher-price toy. I still loved getting into and out of it.

      A guy I work with has a 2015 Ford Shelby Mustang – it was a great car. He did accidentally skid the back wheels when he was giving me a spin in it and that was the last time I took a lift with him! Would love one for Christmas Santa!

      1. Donger

        Yeah, I had it for 10 days and the novelty didn’t wear off. Coming home to my ’03 golf was a bit of a come down

    2. Harry Molloy

      What kind of damage to rent something like that? Have a fantasy road trip I’d like to do…

      1. Donger

        We had reserved a bog standard saloon which worked out at around €25-€30 a day. When I arrived at the rental desk I asked was there any chance of an upgrade. The girl working there was too bothered-there we’re approx 15 cars beside us and she told me to take my pick! It was like a hypothetical conversation I’d had as an 8 year old coming through! Nice selection of cars but the dodge stood out visually, it looks so different to anything you’d see here. Speaking to my cousin that lives there, he said the lax attitude at rental desk is the norm. My advice: book a cheap car and stick on the Irish charm. If it doesn’t work then just upgrade at point of rental

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