24 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    D’yah know, a great friend of mine (female) gave up reading newspapers or watching the news on electronic media some years ago. She reckoned that “the news” always upset and depressed her. Since adopting this measure she has become happier and way more tranquil. Me, I’m a news junkie, and grow angrier every day about things I’m powerless to change – which of us is right, folks?

    1. martco

      It’s a conundrum imo you’ll never solve

      what I can tell you is that I’ve done this myself with the radio and the affect on mood is clear

      if you have a heart and care for fairness in society + you have a bullpoo detector = you’ll end up shouting at the radio or feeling down (esp if it’s that morning time dirge on Dinnytalk)

      the good thing is radios can be retuned so when I feel the clouds gather I’ll goto TXFM rip (haven’t solved that yet..Nova?)

      sorry can’t be helpful, just concur

      1. Scooperman

        The very same dilemma here. When Paul Williams starts speaking I go for TXFM and then I remember. Nova is hit and miss for me.
        With regard to ‘news’, I’ve very poor short term memory so there’s only a limited amount of anger inducing news in my brain at any one time. Which is useful.

    2. Paddy

      All well and good for her. But, for instance, how would she get information on new taxes and her ‘duty’ to register/pay? Say she had a second home and received a letter from her council five years later looking for thousands of Euro for some tax she didn’t know about?
      Like yourself I’m also a news soaker-upper. But I’m really fed up of so-called ‘news’ sites here in Ireland all with the same story, word-for-word = not journalism, but the ability to copy and paste a press release. The only site making an effort is Broadsheet. Breaking News used to carry the odd decent story, and allow comments, but now it’s full of click bait and ‘You won’t believe what colour knickers…..’ -type bullpoo.
      I avoid DinnyTalk like the plague these days.
      I also take exception to O’Callaghan on Prime Time pushing her FF brother’s agenda.

    3. Starina

      i avoid it when i’m feeling anxious because it could trigger a bit of a downward spiral into despairing at humanity. otherwise i get a buzz off knowing what’s going on. as the Clash said, anger can be power.

    4. Jools

      She is right. All you are doing is allowing yourself to be baited. It’s bad for anyone’s mental health. Stop. Take back your life.

    5. Harry Molloy

      Your friend is right and I’d like to take a leaf out of her book, I’m more like you though.
      I do enjoy the news but don’t think it makes me happy, especially comments sections

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        If I’m honest, I only read this far down to find out what Sheik Yahbouti’s friend (female) was wearing.

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          I was boasting coz I have a female friend! In answer to your question, a fetching little chiffon cocktail dress and a pair of gum boots.

  2. Richard Pound

    Irish Daily Mail always telling the truth & looking out for the people….the others are just paid propaganda

  3. Lilly

    The sick-making ‘Kildare Village’ ads make me switch off the radio, neck-and-neck with the ‘Home Instead’ ones.

  4. jusayinlike

    Couldn’t find the Irish version of the Times anywhere, only the english version, strange that..

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