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Behold: the Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100 coffee maker – a sculptural, aviation-grade aluminium alloy, stainless steel and bronze, single serving, high pressure brewing system that’s apparently very easy to operate despite its daunting appearance.

It’s also something of a collector’s item as only 100 will be made. Price on application.


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11 thoughts on “Turbo Boost

  1. scottser

    and those 100 will sit in a warehouse unsold for ever.
    i mean, look at the size of the fekn thing…

    1. Tony

      Yeah because the punters likely to buy these will be comparing it with the coffee machines on sale in Power City

  2. Boy M5

    You would not believe the utter eye-roll of a coffee conversation I heard in town last week.

    It was in a hipster coffee shop, bloke drops in to get a coffee and has a full on loud painful conversation with the guy behind the counter for everyone else’s benefit.

    He even said “Woah woah, Sweet Child of Mine” as an exclamation.

    Male genital. I wanted to punch him. Some real coffee male genitals out there.

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