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From top: designer hub Creative Ireland and the government’s new Creative Ireland arts initiative

Stephen Synnott writes:

As you may be aware Enda launched his sudden new interest in the Arts ‘Creative Ireland‘ last Thursday to much fanfare – a ‘brand new’ initiative to support the Arts in everything from coding to… food, indeed pretty much everything it seems, including tin whistles for all no doubt. What’s not to love?

Unfortunately, Creative Ireland has already existed since 1999 as a website for the design community with free directory, free jobdesk and community forum with 5,000 members.

Even a cursory check of Google would have found us. Perhaps it doesn’t bode well for this ‘creative’ initiative that it couldn’t even be bothered to come up with its own name?


Creative ireland

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20 thoughts on “Creative Licence

  1. Ben Redmond

    Arts promoters want More Cash for the Arts. Individual cineastes, scriptwriters and actors want continual salaries and grants for new projects. Painters and sculptors want commissions and fees for exhibitions. Poets, novelists and playwrights want grants to publish and get recognition. Musicians, singers and operatic performers want salaries. That’s the kind of help they want from government. But grants and bequests need to come also from rich individuals and business companies. And we the public need to buy and read books, buy tickets and enjoy concerts, plays and operas; and step into art galleries, even if it isn’t raining outside. It’s one big cyclical process. The arts promoters need to continually ‘sell’ the arts to the public, the government and business.

  2. Joe C

    ‘Perhaps it doesn’t bode well for this ‘creative’ initiative that it couldn’t even be bothered to come up with it’s own name?’

    Agreed. That’s pretty frustrating and embarrassing. I think the government’s ongoing support of the creative arts is vital but feel the priority of this was to appease the recent rounds of negative press, not to drastically improve on the status quo. But I’m not somebody to count chickens before they hatch so let’s hope I’m wrong when I see the plan in action.

    1. Pornograffiti

      Maybe they thought it was a great name and copied it.
      Boo hoo hoo it can only result in good publicity

  3. spider

    I’m amazed that the government was too cheap to engage a creative agency for naming and branding the initiative that was designed to improve the market for creative agencies…

    Or did they engage someone… & who benefited from the exercise?

  4. bisted

    …the present government and the previous one displayed their disdain for the arts and compounded it with the appointment of Heather Chopsticks…successive governments, including Squee, have cut arts funding. The last time the Arts got the recognition and funding it deserves was under Charlie Haughey…

  5. fmong

    Every designer or “creative” knows CI Job desk is the first port of call for jobs.. and even if they didn’t consult a single “creative” on the name, which seems likely.. all they had to do was google.. it’s beyond dumb.

    If this is how much time and effort was put into coming up with a name, then I really question the commitment and effort that will put into the programme

  6. Kitty Corridor

    The reason they called it ‘Creative Ireland’ is because the working title of ‘The Gathering 3.0′ was rejected by the brand consultants.
    I think what you’ll find here is that the dream team – Heather, Concannon, Zero-G, and a host of other people who count senior civil servants among their doheny&nesbitts drinking buddies and worked on Ireland 2016 are looking for a way to stay relevant beyond 1916 and find a new project that allows them to funnel millions of tax payers euros into consultancy, mates’ companies, and commissions for artists you haven’t heard of since the mid-90s because they ceased to be relevant at that point. Meanwhile, funding for the core responsibilities of AHG including reversing cuts (including pay/FEMPI/opening hours/project budgets) made to cultural institutions (National Gallery/NLI/Museums/Public Libraries/the GAELTACHT bit the minister always forgets and anything that isn’t tourism orientated) will be neglected and we’ll be lulled into thinking that these institutions are old-hat and what we really need is another documentary on RTÉ1 anchored by that fella off Arena about how some basket weaving stained glass ‘creatives’ from Howth whose daddies are senior banking execs are giving Ireland a competitive edge in selling ‘Brand Ireland’ abroad. This all would be a harmless element of Endanomics and the drive to turn Ireland into a rainy alternative to the Bahamas if it wasn’t so bloody expensive. Prepare yourselves for a poorly gender-balanced ultra-middle class set of expensive yet unimaginative portraits of Irish ‘creatives’ lining the walkways in Dublin Airport T2 and a lot of glossy booklets and reports produced by the department’s tried and tested tender-winners in 2017.

  7. honey m

    CI is a site I check in on regularly even though it’s not as active as it used to be. Mainly visit to see what the job market is like and to also try to help out with some help requests. Maybe needs an overhaul to bring the community together again

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