Bandana The Eighth



Berriblue (above) writes:

I’ve just launched a line of silk scarves based on my street art in Dublin and here in Porto… One of the scarves may be of particular interest as it’s raising funds for The Abortion Rights Campaign…


Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee.

UPDATE: Win the Scarf Of Shame

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63 thoughts on “Bandana The Eighth

  1. Parky Mark

    She’s not even Irish.
    Can I call myself a rent refugee from Manhattan cause I used to the live there?

  2. Wilim

    I married her. I’m Irish, she grew up here. Doesn’t really matter.
    The ‘rent refugee’ thing was meant as a joke in an email to broadsheet asking about a submission, not intended for publication and I’ve asked them to remove it to avoid confusion. And yes, it meant that we left Dublin because of mad rent!
    Happy to answer any other scarf or non scarf questions!

      1. Wilim

        That’s a good non scarf question Peter.
        I personally would love to be a home owner one day. I could decorate it with some of the many beautiful scarves available from, and with other artworks.
        Unfortunately, the economy in Ireland has left many people of my generation in a position in which we will most likely never be home owners, and certainly not in Ireland. On the continent, there is a very different attitude to renting. People rent long term, value rented accommodation as homes, and there are many protections in place for landlords and tenants. What we’re seeing in Ireland at the moment is a slow shift from an owning economy to a renting one. While I don’t oppose either option, renting can save you a lot of money over your life time, and owning gives you security and something to bequeath to your children, the shift itself is problematic. Because Ireland is run by corrupt fools and greedy gombeens, my whole generation is set to be trapped between an old society that expects them to buy, and a new one which does not allow them to do so.
        If you’d like to learn more about the housing crisis, you can’t do so using Berriblue scarves. But you will look, and feel, great.

        1. Pornograffiti

          Excellent answer

          He might even be able to wear one naked or drape it around his cock if he has one

          1. Wilim

            Hi Pornograffiti,

            An excellent idea. However, draping a scarf around one’s genitals could give them a tired, unflattering look. I suggest rolling the scarf (fold in half diagonally and roll in from the corner) and tying it around the base of the penis, leaving a beautiful bow on top, for a more decorative, festive look.
            Make sure not to tie it too tightly now!

    1. Wilim

      I know, we were a bit worried about the jumping on the bandwagon perception! The scarves are nice though and we’re donating as much as we can out of the profits to the campaign. Would like to come home one day but as it is I’d be terrified to have a child in Ireland. Women’s rights and maternity care are archaic.

      The photos here don’t really show them off fully but there’s three different slogans on there. You can see them all in this clip –

      1. tippex

        “Women’s rights and maternity care are archaic”. Ah cmon now, you’re stretching. And really, was that one of the reasons you left Ireland.

        1. Wilim

          Nope, left Ireland because of cold and no money.
          But it would be a reason not to go back if I’m thinking of starting a family. Plenty of horror stories from friends.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Stop talking shyte Wil I mmm

            Maternity care and services are free in Ireland.
            Regardless of means

            Consequences of maintaining the 8th aside;
            Your baby mama is still getting the best of medical care in with world
            For free

            You just don’t like the people you’re sharing the public waiting rooms with

            And the weather

            You’re flogging necking scarves
            Stick to your job

          2. Pornograffiti

            Who are
            To lecture this gifted entrepreneur and exile?

            It’s not like you have any discernible talents of your own

          3. Spaghetti Hoop

            ‘left Ireland because of cold and no money.’

            Have you tried Lemsip and employment?

            Kidding Wilim – you’re gas, keep it up.

          4. Wilim

            Hi Frilly,

            While the notion that Irish medical care, particularly maternal care, is ‘the best in the world’ is dubious at best (Ireland ranks 26th in europe for maternal mortality, despite the assertions being thrown around by the anti-choice movement) I absolutely agree with you that Ireland does have a good standard of medical care when compared to third world countries.

            That’s great, and preferable to home birth in a dirty shack somewhere. However, for my baby mama, or ‘wife’ as we used to call them, I want to provide a better standard of support which I don’t feel is there for us in Ireland. Many of my friends who are now parents have spoken of distressing incidences which I would like to avoid.

            As for waiting rooms – My favourite people to chat to in hospitals are nannies. They’re just the best. So the people waiting in maternity hospitals wouldn’t be my first choice but that doesn’t mean I won’t like them. Maybe I’ll make friends. I hope I will.

            Weather. yes. It’s cold today, but generally soooo much better.

            Regarding the scarves, a business my wife and I have just set up, capitalising on her artistic talents and my ability to do graphic design and email suppliers, you are absolutely right. We are flogging (or selling, as we used to say) luxurious, 100% silk, versatile accessories featuring original artwork. You can get yours here –

            I hope you enjoy your new scarf Frilly.

            Best regards,

          5. Wilim

            Thank you Soupy,

            We are working hard to improve our customer service all the time. Since it’s just me and my wife, and we don’t have a dedicated PR team, we mostly just rely on good old fashioned personal dialogue for our public image. Not only are we promoting our product, and the repeal the 8th cause, but also making real, lasting friends, like my new friend Frilly.

            I hope you enjoyed reading through our inane chatter. You’re welcome to join us if you feel like shooting the breeze or, if you’d like to chat to someone upon whom you can heap pressure to repeal the 8th, check out Don’t forget to recommend that your TD buys a Berriblue scarf. That kind of publicity would be amazing!

          6. Wilim

            Hi Frilly,

            Good to hear from you. How are you today? I’m okay, but a little tired as my chihuahua, Muszkinha, was making a lot of noise last night. You know how they can be!

            I’m glad to hear that you ‘got it.’ Which scarf did you choose? I hope you enjoy it.

            All of our scarves are made in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, which is, as you know, around 100km south west of Shanghai. Hangzhou is known for its silk production and their factories supply a lot of high end brands.

            The lady who works in sales in our factory is called Ana. She’s lovely.

            I hope that answers your question and again, thank you for buying a Berriblue scarf.

            All the best,

    2. Pornograffiti

      Nothing like a bit of bootlicking either to make some irrelevant point while attacking some kid on the internet

  3. Digs

    “Street Art”. “Repeal the 8th” ” I’ve just “launched” a “line”



          1. Pornograffiti

            The pair of you going around in stonewashed denims pretending you still ‘got it’?

            Wilim and his maid are better than 10 of ye and I for one will be buying multiples of their beautiful scarf related products which have multiple practical uses, in your cases I see you are using them as anal plugs

          2. Wilim

            Hi Porngraffiti,

            Thank you for your interest in our scarves. We’d be so happy for you two have one. However, I feel I must warn you that I, versatile as they are, I don’t think that our scarves would make suitable but plugs on their own. They would make a fine addition to a wooden or chrome but plug though, and could provide an extra luxurious silky layer to save you from splinters or cold. The remaining material would look like a rather fetching tail.

            I recommend using any of our scarves except for ‘Satan’s Mascara,’ which is made using 100% fine silk chiffon, and would have a slightly rougher texture. It’s also more prone to crinkling so regularly stuffing it into a bum would mean a lot of ironing for you! However, if you want a scarf for draping over genitals, as you mentioned above, then this is the model for you! Chiffon is less opaque than habotai silk and would be very alluring.

            If you have any other questions please do ask. We’re happy to help!


  4. Daddy

    Hey Wllim, Portugal and ireland have IDENTICAL low infant mortality rates so your excitable attention seeking comments on having children in Ireland is a bit moot.

    And quite frankly, it’s annoying and somewhat insulting to all of us to are currently expecting babies and have had NO issues with the excellent health service.

    Maybe you need to get over yourself.

    1. Huh?

      Daddy –
      1. It’s not all about infant mortality rates although that can be a decent proxy indictor.
      2. Anecdotal evidence is not evidence.

  5. Wilim

    Hi Daddy,

    How are you today? I am well, thank you.

    While I’m not any more worried about the baby dying in Ireland more than elsewhere, and more than any first-time, expectant parent can be expected to worry, it’s the attitude in Ireland that upsets me. Due to the social, cultural background in Ireland I have experienced, indirectly, a number of very upsetting things happening to or being said to women who are expecting or who are in labour.

    To give an example, one woman who had suffered a traumatic, late-stage miscarriage (not sure if it was a still birth exactly), and who is an athiest, had a priest and a tiny baby coffin shoved down her throat even when she was pleading with nurses and telling them that she didn’t want to see the baby. Her wishes were simply not respected. There are numerous other instances, smaller things, where a woman’s wishes are not respected. Perhaps they are followed through with, but begrudgingly.

    Fundamentally, the issue of a woman’s right to choose arises because of the sum of the many small social factors, such as respecting a woman’s wishes, opinion, and right to bodily autonomy, which constitute an overall attitude. Pervasive cultural attitudes in Ireland, as in other cultures I am sure, including Portugal, have been the cause of serious crimes and, essentially, bad things happening.

    Abortions are legal, health care, though struggling economically, is good, like back home, but without the attitude and the stress and discomfort that this causes. One of the wonderful things about Portugal, other than the lack of this specific underlying attitude to which I take such issue, is that I’m not really that plugged in to the political scene here. It’s not something to be proud of, but it’s really refreshing.

    Anyway, I hope that clears up your question. Have a wonderful christmas and remember, today’s the last day to order you Berriblue scarf so that it arrives before the big day!

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