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    1. Anne

      It’s a limit of 4% per year right? Is that in combination with the 2 year limit on any rent increases?

      I don’t really get how rents can be increased up to a max of 4% PER YEAR..yet rents can’t be increased within a two year period also?

      1. Steve

        Pg 10 of the doc published by the dept yday says that the 2 year rent reviews will cease in areas deemed rent pressure zones.

        2% imo is still too much, and I’m a landlord – CSO saying HICP annual change from Dec 15 to Dec 16 is -0.2.

        1. Anne

          Seriously? So instead of your rent staying the same for 2 years, you’d now be facing an 8% increase (2 years X 4%). And this is an improvement how?

          1. Steve

            Under previous system 2 year cap would have ended and landlords could have put whatever they want onto rent,70/80%….whatever “the market will pay.”..

            This scheme means that when the 2 years is up the max would be 4%. Hopefully when FF push through changes it’s less.

          2. Anne

            “This scheme means that when the 2 years is up the max would be 4%.”

            Yeah, but they no longer have to wait two years. So after year 1 – 4%, year 2, another 4% – compound. Right?

          3. Steve

            Would you rather 20% year one, 20% year two – compound 40%???

            On your first point – Anne if you’re particularly interested in this new policy proposal I’d highly recommend that you read the document published yesterday.

            Remainder of sentence I quoted below…”as rents fall due for review , being replaced by the rent predictability measures outlined above, but will continue to have effect in other areas until they expire in 2019″

          4. Anne

            Don’t be getting testy on me now..when I ask “right” just say yes..it’s much easier.

            Under these new proposals you’re looking at 4% of an increase after year 1, 8% after year 2. Obviously that’s much better than the 20% you mention. But the 2 year cap could have been kept aswell.

          5. Steve

            Proposal isn’t compound. 4% a year. Not 8% in year two. My point in reply was that under previous regime landlords could compound away to their hearts content.

          6. Anne

            Technically, it is compound -I think.

            Ok say your rent is 1500 per month. (I think that’s the Dublin average) It’ll increase under these new proposals to 1560 after year 1.
            Year 2, It’s 1560 (not the 1500) by 4%. That’s 1622.40.

            Year 3, its 1622.40 (not the original 1500) x 4%. That’s 1687.3

            Compound interest over the 3 years is about 12.25%.

            Fupping wonderful stuff. Can’t p*ss off the landlords too much can we..

          7. Steve

            Sorry I thought you meant 4/8/12% on compounded amounts. 1560 /1685/1887 using 1500.

            Where’s our busy at maths book when ye need it??

            Admit, not perfect, but a lot better than the previous free for all

          8. Anne

            Coveney was on RTE news too saying if it was linked to consumer inflation, (0% at the moment) supply would dry up over night..

            I mean logically this cant make sense, as the opposite would be the case with massive rent increases..i.e. we’d be seeing an increase in supply..but we’re not.

            We don’t need any more landlords or tax breaks to encourage more of them.

    2. spudnick

      Like all government interventions, it’ll be gamed. It’s happening already. Landlords are currently renewing leases with e450 increases ‘to get in before the caps’ (landlord quote). From renting friends, this morning.

    3. Cian

      I dunno, it might be better to link it to the Consumer Price Index (excluding housing) somehow and/or interest rates rather than a blanket 4%.
      And if the rent isn’t increased one year, can it be increased 8% the following year?

  1. Harry Molloy

    It has appeared for a while that civilians bred actually being targeted in Syria and I can’t understand why??

    I can never really understand war

  2. Frida

    Did anyone hear that inarticulate donkey Stephen Rae from the Indo on Tubridy this morning using Syria to make his case for a return to de trusty newspaper and away from the fake news produced by digital media? If ever there was an organ that specialised in fake news, it’s the Indo.

  3. ahjayzis

    If they’ve conceded (finally) to the heresy of controlling rent rises – why an arbitrary figure and not in line with inflation or the CPI or whatever? That final ideological hurdle they’re struggling to jump over as they balance the totally equal concerns of asset-rich institutional landlords and children living in hotels worrying Santy won’t find them.

    1. Anne

      Did you happen to catch that ladypart Karl Deeter on primetime talking about this last night? Saying we shouldnt interfere in da morket..rent controls dont work in other countries..This muppet isnt being introduced to us as having a vested interest. An analyst they referred to him as.. a fupping analyst.

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