25 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

        1. Kennysmells

          Show me where it says “This is North Korea” on the video Kieran or the convincing proof that its NKorea from that front page and I’ll give you the nod;

          1. bisted

            …it remains a truism that the first casuality of war is the truth…perhaps this should be updated to the post-truth. It’s a wonder the Mirror didn’t give this daily demonising piece a seasonal twist and have the kids being sent up chimneys…they would have plenty of authentic pics in their archives…

          2. Zena

            Kenny, I wasn’t refering to the pictures, I was speaking in general about Kim Jong-un. You didn’t actually have to make a snarky comment with regard to mine at all.

            Keep calm and carry on trolling.

    1. Topsy

      Irish Navy should send a ship immediately to rescue these children and bring them here to the land of benefits.

      1. jambon

        Coming over here to this church-ridden, peado-loving, corrupt, poor-hating backwater, illuminating our dreary suicidal lives with their fascinating culture, interesting cuisines and colourful customs, adding warmth to our cold dribbling greyness, drawing the dole while simultaneously taking our jobs. THE BLOODY CHEEK OF THEM! KEEP IRELAND THE SAME AS IT IS: SUFFOCATINGLY CONSERVATIVE, THE LAND OF CORRUPTION AND ABUSE!

          1. jambon

            Tabs!? What tabs, you backwards-facing obstruction to progress? The tabs that allow me to rail against the horrificly grim Irish society that you try to maintain. Yeah, I’ll keep taking the tabs so.

      2. Zena

        Was worth a shot Kenny, I didn’t realise that you were of such a delicate disposition. Peace out maaan.

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    ALL Syrian men of fighting age should be sent back to join their brave comrades pictured on the front of the Guardian.

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