The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year



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What new music made your 2016 bearable?

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‘The best thing I’ve heard all year was___________________________’

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46 thoughts on “The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year

  1. Dudley

    The best thing I heard year wasn’t a record, but a live band.

    I’ve been waiting since 1993 or thereabouts to see Drive Like Jehu live, not helped by the fact that they split up in 1994. They reformed last year and announced they would curate and play ATP in Wales. Well, my little heart nearly exploded….

    And then ATP went bust, and we all got fleeced for €€€ just days before the festival. Well, my little heart burst into bloody tears….

    But then! They announced a one off club date in Berlin! And I went! And after a 20+year wait…one of their amps was broken!! But it was still the greatest thing I have ever heard, never mind this year, but for all years. My bloody little heart has been in cold storage ever since, I’m not sure I could take any more emotional upheaval.

    Though maybe I could test it with a nice voucher….

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Catch and Release by Matt Simons. Not a cover, no sampling, no vocoder, doesn’t sound like hold music to make you homicidal (I’m talking to you Calvin Harris and My Fuppin’ Way!!). Quirky vibe, top choon.

  3. Murtles

    A song called “How To Make Gravy” by an Aussie guy called Paul Kelly. I think it’s a few years old but I only heard it last week so it’s new to me. There’s a few versions on YouTube but pick the Double J version for clarity. An unusual Christmas heartstring tugger.

  4. Odockatee

    Tilted by Christine and the Queens is my jam of the year. Uber cool song and video – who even makes them anymore. Its her first English language album too. Some talent.

    I’m doing my face with magic marker

  5. LiamZero

    … Blackstar by Bowie, because in just three days it went from being the remarkable rebirth of one of popular music’s greatest careers to being the most astonishing, beautiful, witty, dignified, clever and heartbreaking farewell of them all, filled with lyrics that suddenly revealed their hidden truths. It’s a poorer world without him, but at least he gave us a fitting goodbye.

  6. conor_ie

    … I happen to use Spotify a lot when I’m going to sleep.. mostly The Most Beautiful Songs in the World. The track that stood out and can listen to on repeat would have be Saving Us A Riot by Phoria.. Hauntingly beautiful.. the acoustic version is even better

  7. Zena

    The best thing I’ve heard all year was, ‘Cherokee Morning Song by Walela’ – it was released before 2016 but it’s one hell of a song, it’s sang in Native American too, simply beautiful.

  8. Harry Molloy

    The best thing I heard this year has been Just a Friend by Biz Markie, it’s fairly bare but has a great hook and has been in my head since I heard them singing it while sitting on their stoop in It’s Always Sunny in Philly

  9. Garthicus

    As a country music fan the best thing I heard all year was actually Banks & Steelz ‘Anything but words’.

  10. De Kloot

    The best think I heard this year was In Heaven by Gregory Porter.

    What a voice and what beautiful music.

    Makes it all melt away.

      1. therealbadatmemes

        I can’t take these ‘competitions’ seriously.
        If I ever accidently win I would like to donate the prize to a charity for old people.

  11. WittyName

    The best thing I’ve heard all year was ‘Let Me Get There’ by Hope Sandoval and the Warm Invention, featuring Kurt Vile. Warm, fuzzy tune, with great guitar. American singers with a great Irish band (Dirt Blue Gene, Colm O Ciosoig). Lovely Album, takes your mind off all the madness of 2016.

  12. Bingo

    Metallica- “Spit Out The Bone”

    Best thing they’ve recorded in 30 years.
    They’ve released a lot of turgid shite since their heyday but this brought me back….

    Just made this old cranky git remember being a teenager, without listening to songs that I’ve heard a thousand times.

  13. JonesBaron

    LoveWave by Iveta Mukuchyan. Totally different to anything I’ve heard before and made me feel like nothing could faze me when it seemed everything was trying to do so. Anytime I needed confidence in a pinch I just stick on this three minute marvel and let it do its thing. On a purely artistic level the blending of slow and face paced music works so so well with the fusion of modern sounds and traditional music.

  14. Biggins

    the best thing I heard all year is the new Niall Horan song, its class so it is, he was at my wedding a few years back

  15. Wilson-IRL

    The best thing I’ve heard all year was “Farewell Sarajevo” by Maybeshewill from the album “I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone”. The album is a couple of years old but i first heard it this year and it’s the first album that I’ve repeatedly listened to, in its entirety, in over a decade.

    While I’d recommend listening to the whole album in one sitting, Farewell Sarajevo would probably be my favourite individual track.

  16. Frilly Keane

    Best ‘ting I’ve heard all year ( that I can remember) is Hannah Montana’s version of Jolene

    Tis brill’int

    Especially if yer inta Nitty Gritty Durt stuff

  17. therealbadatmemes

    Hey, lads…
    -.Look away Girls!

    You know that nobody clicks your links?
    – Same as nobody ever played side two of the cassettes you used to make.

    I forgot what I was going to say.

  18. therealbadatmemes

    Oh yeah… seriously…
    The vote of the Tallaght Massive is a song by Bukez Finest. I can’t remember the name of it and it isn’t online.
    Not my fault.

  19. Richie

    I do solemnly declare that ‘The best thing I’ve heard all year is ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ by Birdy’ . It’s a marvellously uplifting song, never fails to bolster the mood

  20. Niallo

    The best thing i’ve heard all year was superstitious by stevie wonder…
    No, no, wait ! come back …on 10+ grands worth of hifi gear at the listening room on wicklow street, blew me bleedin socks off, you can hear the placement of each of the instruments as if you were in the studio, twas unreal.
    Same case for Melody Gardot’s “who will comfort me”, breathtaking.
    (I did harbour a secret hankering to ask the guy to cut loose with some ace of spades in honour of 2016’s first victim, but thought better of it)
    A very pleasant way to spend a few minutes, and sure, isnt that what its all about ?

  21. thesamebadatmemes

    To everybody else…
    Your song was the best. It should’ve won. You are brilliant.

    ‘We the people’ by Tribe Called Quest should be second.

    Just sayin’..

  22. Starina

    the best thing i’ve heard all year was Girl Band’s “Holding Hands With Jamie”. slightly deranged, with clever lyrics and deadly melodies. we should hold them up as an example of how great Irish music really can be.

  23. Yann

    It has to be the sound of silence by Disturbed. It is how I would remember 2016 and the world the way it was then.

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