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  1. Cot

    That GP should NEVER have been brought to court. It was obvious she was innocent and the DDP was just being idiotic. It’s time for the great failure of our present Attorney General to resign, she’s a feckin disgrace.

    1. Joe Cool

      In a way it’s kind of good she was. If she wasn’t, and her case wasn’t heard in the public arena then there would be a cloud, wrongly hanging over this fine lady’s head

      1. Cot

        In fairness, the local community in which she lived in didn’t believe that she was in any way culpable. Now the woman has had her named dragged through the mud by the DPP in all the national papers and tv stations.

      2. Sheik Yahbouti

        Joe, I agree with you, AND with cot. I tend to the view that the case should not have been brought, whilst taking on board your very valid points. The State who withdrew “for lack of money” the VERY few supports this poor woman had to enable her to keep the show on the road, thought nothing of spending hundreds of thousands of euro to prosecute her when she inevitably cracked under the strain. May they die roaring, or, better yet be condemned to live the life that she lived for, say, five years or so. Then they can tell us about it.

        1. Frilly Keane

          +1 eile

          Frances Fitz, a former Minister for Children btw, should be made answer why €€€€€€€€€€€€s was available to employ Legal Professionals
          But fû(k all for caring Professions

          1. Pornograffiti

            Because the DPP recommended evidence existed showing a case should be brought. It’s not got much to do with Frances unless it’s your explicit contention that Ministers should intervene in the administration of justice?

      3. Clampers Outside!

        Everyone of you will be out showing the same support for the next man who “cracked” under pressure, I hope.
        That’s the theme, regardless of reason.
        To crack under pressure is being justified.
        And, I hope you’ll all quiten down the shrill of the crowd shouting ‘patriarchy’ who haven’t any notion of the consequences that brought that next case about….. ye will, I hope…. sincerely

        1. Richie

          Clampers, with all due respect, she dedicated her life to giving her daughter the best life possible. Caring for a mentally or physically (or both) disabled child would take the strongest minded of us to depths of despair, depression and exhaustion (mental and physical) that most of us will never know. For you to compare this lady’s situation and case to that of the numerous cases of controlling, power-hungry men that have murdered their families is monumentally unjust – there is no

          1. Richie

            Furthermore, Clampers, do not let your own experiences cloud your normally balanced outlook. I empathise, I honestly do, but don’t condemn a woman who ran herself ragged in her selfless mother and care-giving role, it would be a major rarity if a father did what she did round the clock, day in – day out, Thankfulky, most of us can only imagine that sheer exhaustion. If this case was about a father cracking after giving all the care, attention and time to his child that she did then, yes, the majority of people would be sympathetic and have some level of understanding.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            You appear to have misread, I am not condemning anyone. I am asking that all show the same compassion for any attempted murder-suicides regardless of gender in future.
            And that, accusations and suppositions by feminists regarding the theory of ‘patriarchy’ with no knowledge of facts be shunned, and even silenced, to let the facts come out.

            Nothing in that condemns this woman. What I seek is equal compassion in all cases regardless of gender.
            Domestic violence in all its guises come in many forms, most inconceivable to the biased view that commonly takes form as a prejudgement by feminism. I rally against that, when clearly mental health is a bigger issue than some half baked feminist theory.

            I ask for fair treatment in all murder-suicide cases, I condemned no one, thank you, and with utmost sincerity

        2. Anne

          As I said a feminist when it suits.. when criticising middle eastern men and their supposed views about women, mainly. Otherwise not so much.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            If the system to admit refugees does its job, there wouldn’t be anything to critical of.
            No need to be more critical of Muslims, but to ensure they obey the law of the land and not the religion is important. Check out the problems with Sharia Courts in the UK currently as an example

        3. The Real Jane

          So basically, contrary to the research, you believe that family annihilation isn’t a thing. Which peer reviewed journal has published your research?

          I suspect everyone would be massively sympathetic to a male carer in this situation. It’s far harder to feel sympathy for a controlling abuser who kills his family for spite and revenge.

          It’s actually pretty appalling of you to conflate the two.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            My point is the abuse is often levelled as a reason without back up, it’s a given of ‘patriarchy’ being carried out, without any look at, nor attempt to, and even dismiss, any reason related to mental health.

            This is all that I have said, that that feminist attitude is wrong, and must stop.

            No conflating

          1. Clampers Outside!

            It’s a respectable piece. And there’s no loolas shouting from the sides ‘monster’ because, I like to think, not everyone jumps to hatred quicker than feminist ideologues, thankfully.

    2. Kenny Plank

      Agreed. It should have been a matter for the medical council. She should NOT have been treating her own daughter. However, her career is in ruins now.

      Who cares what some backwards rural community thinks. The market will decide.

      1. bisted

        …I couldn’t believe this trial even took place…the early coverage definitely tried to demonise the poor woman…there was that air of vindictiveness reminisicent of the church or Iona Institute…anyway, the inquisition is over and the doctor has been vindicated…she seems to have a good circle of friends to give the support she deserves…

  2. Turgenev

    She had to be brought to court. Her child died in her care. And the verdict was right; she wasn’t culpable. The court case was absolutely correct, sad and horrifying though it was.

    1. Biggins

      all agree it was the right result but the state would have been failing in its duty to the deceased if it was not brought to court

    1. jusayinlike

      He’s had a target on his back since he publicly stated that he wants American military bases out of the Philippines about a month or two ago..

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