Roam Sweet Roam




Sophie Merry  writes:

Just on to Meteor about roaming charges. Customer service guy cheerfully tells me he has set up my account for roaming in South East Asia. When asked he reveals that it’s 10 Euro per mb. I asked him how much mbs is a text message (no images) on WhatsApp…


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47 thoughts on “Roam Sweet Roam

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Do you know what I think?

        I think that when you asked, ‘Can you clarify something?‘* you got an answer in proper English with ‘‘Yes, Sophie’.
        That was at 10:26.
        At 10:26 you sent a reply.
        At 10:26 your ‘agent’ was still writing a reply, most likely slowed down by having to translate the rest of your text into English.

        I could be wrong.

        *Fixed that for you.

  1. Zaccone

    Dealing with outsourced call/live-chat centers is the worst. It takes easily 5 times as long as dealing with someone who actually speaks English as a first language.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          @Boo-Boo Bear…
          Simple answer to ‘How many wouldn’t be too many?
          – When there isn’t enough to be that amount or more.

          sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq, smarter than the average bore.

  2. wearnicehats

    I didn’t actually cop that Whatsapp used data – DOH! although it’s only connected on wi-fi so maybe that’s why

    Just out of interest I connected it and sent an 8 word message via 4G. It used 850 bytes – 0.00085megabytes, or €0.0085.

  3. colm

    Chatsim is a carrier that gives you free texts for a year from anywhere in the world for like 10 quid or something like that. I’m pretty sure there are some countries that aren’t covered but the vast majority are.
    Anyways try that if you’re travelling and definitely don’t use your meteor sim abroad

  4. Peter Dempsey

    It takes a certain type of person to work in a call centre. A cold fish, somebody is robotic in their outlook and has the minimal amount of empathy for other humans. Ramya is no different.

  5. Junkface

    It would be cheaper to get a bag of coke and some hookers, so just do that.

    Tell your friends when you get home over pints. They’ll love it!

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Hang on Junkface…
      – If you’re going on yer holliers you don’t want to be doin’ what you do every day at home. That would be stupid.

      Sophie doesn’t know how to send text messages.
      If you aren’t going to help…

  6. Eileen

    Listen here people, why do you think mobile companies offer you free calls and text packages when your at home?… they make all their money from roaming charges…fact.

  7. CaptainObvious

    It’s mad in this day and age that a girl who can use the internet to create this post still has never heard of wifi.

    Wifi means you can use the internet belonging to a hotel/restaurant etc for FREE and so use all the whatsapp you want!! It’s brilliant. I use it all the time to cut down on my data usage.

  8. H

    Disabling their account does seem a bit like the nuclear option, as already sarcastically suggested, switching off data roaming is the simple solution and is probably what the agent said in their unshared response

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