13 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. bisted

      …if crooked Hillary had been President elect the usual US veto could have been relied on…she was a true friend…not that it matters but the Obama abstention is far too little too late

      1. Cot

        Yep, it’s idiotic grand-standing by Obama. It’s meaningless now that he’s on the way out. Trump hates Palestinians, so Israel will get very, very strong support for the next 8 years.

        1. jungleman

          8 years? Doubtful. Also, this resolution ties trump’s hands to a degree. How can it be reversed without unilateral support or abstention by the security council members?

          1. Cot

            Missing the point. It won’t be reversed, but Israel will keep on building. As long as it has tacit US support, Israel will build. Trump will encourage the building. As long as Israel has US support, it doesn’t matter a penny what resolutions the UN passes.

          2. jungleman

            I’m not missing the point at all. Of course they will continue to build but that is no reason not to welcome the fact that it will be in contravention of a UN resolution. Norman Finkelstein consistently references Israel’s breaches of international law because he realises that it is the strongest argument against them. He knows that at some point in the future Israel will have to answer for these crimes.

          3. Sheik Yahbouti

            When, and in what forum? Sounds like wishful thinking to me, akin to this Karma sh!te that people spout about. Evil people do NOT get their just deserts, that is the problem.

          4. Cot

            With you on the Finkelstein point; but, and I’d admire his work greatly, Finkelstein may be too optimistic. I’d find it very hard to see Israel ever having to stand before any International Tribunal, and more importantly pay for the genocide it’s perpetuating against the Palestinians.

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