19 thoughts on “Keeps On Giving

  1. Biggins

    Corporate greed looking for a reason to dishonour there commitments, they should be made add interest and inflation

    1. ____

      There’s no suggestion of not honouring it…and why should they add inflation? It’s the same as the person keeping a €50 note in their pocket for that time.

        1. $hifty

          Who? Businesses?
          The bloody cheek of them. They should all be giving away everything for free.

          Fair play to them for (presumably) honouring them. Plenty of other feckers don’t, and they expire ater a year. I’m looking at yu An Post / One4All!

  2. Keen as Muck

    Retailers love Vouchers , I recall having a conversation with a Shopping Centre Manager , His No 1 Priority when this Centre was opening was to have front and centre a Customer Service Desk selling vouchers as the rate at the time (2007) of non-redemption was between 10% and 12% . Free Money

    1. curmudegeon

      Yep, customers aren’t very bright it would seem. Exchange perfectly good internationally recognized currency for a piece of non refundable paper that may hopefully be accepted by a single shop in very possibly a single location, unless its past its expiry date of course.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Ass 12 is basically the Rogue One of the West. The honoring of his credit spanning whole decades.

  3. The Bottler

    Found £19 (nineteen punts) of Superquinn savings stamps on a Superquinn savings card after moving house. Senator Quinn advised me to approach Supervalue who ignored me.

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