Act Your Rage



In case you missed it.

Carrickmines, Dublin 18.

Jason Cooper writes:

This was instant karma for road rage bully at the Park, Carrickmines on 2nd January 2017. Time and date stamp on video is incorrect. At two minutes in, he pulls up alongside me in his Saab 9-5 and starts hurling verbal abuse out his window.

Why? I’ve no idea as my driving up to that point shouldn’t have upset anyone.

Then, he got out of his car and attacked me through my open window landing two punches. I managed to get out of my car and land a combination of rights knocking him to the ground….

As I wrestled and landed another right, a good samaritan and a plain clothes Garda came to assist.


Thanks Joe McD

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59 thoughts on “Act Your Rage

      1. Martco

        was just thinking that…maybe no coincidence there was a plainclothes about
        nicely done all the same but always keep at back of your mind that the fckr coming in after you might not be a plain vanilla joe. a fella I used to work with had an incident bit like this out in Killiney couple of years back, after getting out of his car to retort yer man went to the passenger side of his car pulled a clawhammer & smacked my workmate before ruining his car and legging it.
        Worse was nowt ever happened in the follow up despite a good description and he was told months later on the qt it was someone known to them but…etc.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      That behaviour is more prevalent in the human knob-ends that drive BMWs.

      In my own experience.

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    Been there, when it kicks off it goes from 0 to 90 in seconds. Nice work putting the schmuck down.

  2. Clank

    Wonder why no audio!? Perhaps it wasn’t the driving incident that caused the gobshite in the saab to lose it. Three sides to every story……….

  3. Happy Molloy

    Well done for levelling, the worse that the driver could have done was maybe squeeze in ahead of yer man somewhere, certainly no excuse for assault

    1. Joe Duffy

      Looks to me like the driver stopped on the roundabout, cut over the second lane of the roundabout there and then proceeded to hog two lanes.

      Nothing that sound have caused that reaction but not exactly perfect driving as the post suggests.

      1. Joe Duffy

        Should add:

        Typo: “Nothing that should”

        The roundabout has two lanes going straight at 12, 3, 6, 9 entrance so can see how hogging the two lanes would piss someone off.

        1. Medium Sized C

          The lanes coming off are pretty narrow and it’s a pain in the hole when its busy.
          And you are not supposed to cross lanes on the roundabout.
          But like, everyone is going into the carpark there, slowly. It’s a minor inconvenience at best.

          Saabman deserved a few slaps alright.

      2. chris

        not to me. He’s taking the 3 o’clock exit so should be entering the roundabout in the right hand lane, like he does. Once he passes the 12 o’clock exit he moves to the left lane to make his exit. Everything he does is right. The situation is a bit sticky with the amount of traffic trying to get through, but it’s a busy day, people just have to accept some days are like that and have patience.

        Fella in the Saab is a willy. Clearly. I’m pretty happy to see him get the urine beat out of him.

        1. Joe Duffy

          Since the dash cam is only facing forward you can’t see if he cut someone off when he changes lanes on the roundabout. Changing lanes on a roundabout is a stupid thing to do especially in that much traffic. You should merge after you exit the roundabout.

          1. SB

            If you’re on the innermost lane on a roundabout, how are you supposed to exit the roundabout without changing lanes?

      3. Sheik Yahbouti

        Agree. Apart from the aggressive tail gaiting and cutting across drivers at the roundabout I can find no fault at all with our hero.

  4. Fully Keen

    Please, keep this rubbish off of here. Thanks. People can visit world star hip hop for their hit of violence. Let’s keep it a bit lighter.

    1. ReproBertie

      Strictly speaking they should both be done for assault. Once the victim got out of his car it went from self defence to assault.

      1. Cian

        No, if he had stayed in the car he would (probably) have continued to be hit. So to defend himself he got out.

        1. ReproBertie

          No yourself. After the second punch the attacker withdrew from the car. The victim could have closed his window or moved the car (though we can’t see if traffic has moved on) at that stage. Instead he got out to have a go.

          1. Hank

            He didn’t withdraw from the car – watch again.
            After the second punch the guy tried to open his car door to defend himself and the attacker tried to slam the door into him

          2. ReproBertie

            After the second punch the attacker takes himself out of the car. He is no longer leaning in the window. That is what I meant by “withdrew from the car”. He’s still standing there mouthing off but is not leaning into the car.

            Opening the door was not a defensive move unless he intended to get out and run away.

          3. Anne

            Shur who doesn’t love a good batin now and then. He should have rolled the window up and went on his merry way. :)

          4. Jon Snow

            You’re analyzing the situation looking at a computer screen. If something like that happens natural instincts to defend yourself will kick in. You looking at a video of this have more rationale because you’re not in danger. Don’t be so smart.
            While I do agree, he should have eased up as soon as he dropped him, there is no need for the follow up punches while the man is on the floor. But he was likely put into adrenaline overdrive from the whole situation and didn’t think quite clearly.

          5. ReproBertie

            Everybody is analysing the situation from the same standpoint. Were it to end up in court none of the jury would be in danger or in adrenaline overdrive when viewing the video.

            I’m not doing this in an attempt to be “smart”. I’m just pointing out that, legally, the victim would have difficulty claiming self defence since he got out of his vehicle to attack his attacker. Getting hit does not mean everything done in retaliation is covered under self defence. The law around self defence specifically talks about reasonable force and taking into account the opportunity to retreat.

          6. Jocky

            they would have zero difficulty proving it and it would never even end up in court. He could have done a lot worse and he’d be in the clear.

  5. Chris

    Jokes aside it is highly likely that dude just punched down a gang land boss! There are a few living up around Carrickmines. That bloke fit the match of a key figure, look at him, why else would the plainclothes cops be tailing him around? They blew their cover and intervened but they must of thought it was more serious.

  6. Willie Banjo

    Is Broadsheet really the forum for this kind of thing? Plus, given that this may lead to charges of public affray (where I don’t think it needs for charges to be pressed by the film maker) then is this video legally ok to publish or was that checked first?

    1. Murtles

      He said he wasn’t pressing charges as the Saab driver would only get a slap on the wrist and he didn’t want to waste Garda time. Unless the Guards themselves prosecute both of them for Public Order Offences, which I highly doubt.

  7. Liam from Lixnaw

    Yep its a gangland figure alright – the dude touting the vid has already changed his name from Jason Murphy (YT, joe,ie etc) to Jason Cooper (BS) I suppose it will be Jason Bourne after this?

  8. Richard Pound

    Go in the Saab is an aggressive moron but the guy who got attacked…watch him with his hand & cig (twice) request him twice to cover over to him before the attacker does. Watch his fingers give it the Bruce Lee taunt

  9. Spaghetti Hoop

    Was this Christmas Eve or Stephen’s Day? Crazy retail park that I had the misfortune of working in at the offices. It’s a mini-hell – this carry-on does not surprise me. On YouTube now with a Pogues soundtrack…LOL.

  10. dave g k

    Carrickmines has this effect on people. It is the home of car park rage in Dublin.

    It is a design issue. Two lanes that disappear into one, car park spaces that are too small, poor layout.

    I personally have witnessed over ten rage incidents and it’s not like I over frequent the hellhole.

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