For Your Consideration: Looking For Change



Looking for Change – Just Mikey

Neil Buckley writes:

Six weeks ago, inspired by a freezing night, Mick posted a video on Facebook appealing to people to support the homeless campaign. It was picked up across multiple news and media outlets, and since then the Home Sweet Home campaign came to prominence.
We’re delighted to present the song that was inspired by that original video. Filmed over the course of a day with the Home Sweet Home supporters, it’s our way of providing support to the objectives of the movement in the best way we can as artists.

29 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Looking For Change

  1. Cot

    What’s the story in relation to the 11th Jan? Are the gardai going to dismantle the Apollo House project?

    1. Graham F

      The Gardai as Guardians of the Peace will enforce the rule of LAW, irrespective of the involvement of the likes of Bono. Who doesn’t live or pay tax in this jurisdicition. He is a persona non grata.

      1. Anne

        Someone needs to read a bit of Thoreau me thinks..

        Here, in case you’re not ar sed –

        “Law never made men a whit more just; and, by means of their respect for it, even the well-disposed are daily made the agents of injustice.”

        1. Graham F

          You are MISSING the point, young lady. What I am saying is that the Gardai Siochana do not make an objective call on things. They simply enforce the law as passed down by our betters.

          And by the way, “methinks” is one word, not two (“me thinks”. Unless you’re from Limerick – in which case, it’s just bad grammar.

          1. Graham F

            eh hello, earth calling Scottie — I AM THE ONE WHO SAID IT WAS ONE WORD

            can you really be that fecking ignorant???

          2. Anne

            It’s An Garda Síochána. I’ve never heard them being referred as ‘The Gardai Siochana’ by anyone in this country. You missed some fadas too.

            Gowl is another word we use down in Limerick
            It means gobsh*te.

          1. Cot

            Sweet Jesus. And the people who fought against the Penal Laws in Ireland. When O’Connell illegally stood for parliament? Was that a bad thing?

  2. Graham F

    It’s all very well singing songs and putting out disks but none of that will put food in people’s bellies or a roof over their head. And THAT is what the majority of homeless people would like whether they admit it or not.

    1. Anne

      Why don’t you go up to one of the hotels the 7000 odd families are shacked up in and say that to their faces, you clown.

      1. Graham F

        Any homeless person residing in a hotel would be better served applying their finances to permanent rental accomodation.

          1. Graham F

            have you any clue how much a hotel room costs, you great fool????

            It would be around £90 a night for a decent one, whereas you could rent a nice little studio apartment for in or round £400. So less than a week in a hotel or an entire month in your own abode?

            oh sorry, there’s no room service….WELL GET OVER IT

            – Poor me, I’m homeless…I’m living in a hotel

            no you’re not homeless, actually. you’re basically on your holidays in a fecking hotel 24-7.

          2. scottser

            ‘you could rent a nice little studio apartment for in or round £400.’

            your settings must be still stuck on 2009 – you wouldn’t rent a dog box for that in dublin.
            and less of the name-calling lad, it just makes you look like a petty d1ckwad.

  3. Anne

    Just said I’d check my figure.. not far off 7000.

    How many people are homeless?

    There are 6985 people ‘officially homeless’ in Ireland. This figure includes adults and children with their families, the number of families becoming homeless has increased by over 40% since last year and one in three of those in emergency accommodation is now a child. However it does not include the ‘hidden homeless’ who are living in squats or ‘sofa surfing’ with friends or people who are living in domestic violence refuges.

    This figure also excludes people who are sleeping rough. In November 2016, the official rough sleeping count confirmed 142 people sleeping rough, with an additional number in the Nite Café, without a place to sleep.

    1. scottser

      hey anne, just to clarify you can be ‘officially homeless’ and sleeping rough for whatever reason. the figure from the rough sleeper count is included in the official figures. you may be getting mixed up with the numbers in the merchant’s quay night cafe which are not included in the official RSC figure. the rough sleeper count figure also tries to capture hospital waiting rooms and garda stations also.

      1. Anne

        Oh right ok.. Just going from the Focus Ireland website.

        They don’t seem to specifically say that rough sleepers are not counted in official homeless figures, but that there are 6985 homeless people.. rough sleepers not being included in this figure.

        1. scottser

          ah they are, yeah. sure focus and the other ngos all participate in the count.
          either way, the guts of 7000 homeless is not just a tragedy, it’s a fukn disgraceful indictment of housing policy this last 15 years.

  4. weldoninhio

    Hopefully on Wednesday this farce is brought to an end. None of the volunteers or staff are Garda vetted (which is illegal in itself) and which led to co-founder Quentin Sheridan being barred from Apollo House when his previous record became public knowledge. God only knows who else is working there under the guise of helping.

    Then we have the lies coming out of this “safe haven”, the people running it giving out about lies from the government, then lying to the public themselves from the other side of their mouth. we had the big announcement of the couple getting engaged in Apollo House just before Xmas, who have apparently been on the housing list for “seven years” apparently. Until someone checked out their Facebook and Twitter and it turned out that they have been engaged for over a year and up until recently have been living in the UK and having quite the time of it, living it up with fancy cars, designer bags etc. a lot of which they are currently paying to keep in storage

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