Met Éireann writes:

Very cold and windy tonight, with a mix of clear spells and scattered showers, the showers turning increasingly to hail, sleet and snow in Ulster, Connacht and in north Leinster, with some accumulations by morning.

More persistent rain and sleet will move in across much of Munster later in the night, with some snow, mainly over high ground.

Minimum temperatures minus 1 to plus 2 Celsius, in fresh westerly winds, strong along north and northwest coasts.

Tomorrow, Thursday, will be bitterly cold, with scattered showers, many falling as hail, sleet and snow, some of them heavy and thundery, especialy in the west and north.

Some sunny spells also, especially in eastern and southeastern coastal areas, where the showers will be more scattered.

In Munster and parts of south Leinster, it will be cloudy in the morning, with more persistent rain and sleet for a time, but there is also a risk of snow

Met Éireann

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9 thoughts on “Shiver

  1. Daddy

    All the Tabloids (and that includes the Irish Independent) are hyping this up into a weather terrorism event rather than a normal cold snap that it is.

    War On Weather! Be afraid. Hate each other!

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      And throw 40 homeless people out of decent accommodation in an unused building because Markets!!

  2. Murtles

    Hehe wait’ll you see, the sun will be splitting the rocks tomorrow, highest temperature ever. I’d love 3 foot of snow but when Met Eireann says it’s going to snow, break out the t-shirt and shorts.

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