Another One Bites the Dust



Gig venues are going bang left, right and centre these days, so this one will be no surprise to some, but hugely sad – the Pine Lodge, overlooking the beach in Myrtleville, Co. Cork, is under new management, with the venue’s old gig business to be wound down.

Sez the venue’s incredibly well-maintained fansite:

Sad news folks, the Pine Lodge is now under new ownership. The venue is currently closed for repair and renovations and it is not expected that the new owners will have the same interest in live music.

Thank you to Paddy & crew for flying the flag for so long and to the many top acts who performed in Myrtleville, you will not be forgotten.

Sad times, especially for a great amount of the present Cork city scene, many of whom cut their teeth in various capacities, in this place among others.

Pine Lodge Myrtleville

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11 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        *alan partridge voice*
        idea for new feature.
        Every time Leon posts you should ŕeply with something witty underneath.
        we’ll call it the zings of Leon.

      1. Frilly Keane


        That’s kinda Freddie Friday 13th stuff there Barney
        Not that I give a shyte
        But I’m bored
        So indulge this bitter ould’wan

        What should I be more worried about

  1. Karen

    Very sad, the place was absolutely packed to the rafters last Saturday before it closed. Pity I’ve never seen crowds that big there before, it might’ve been able to stay open if there had been.

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