Staying In Tonight?



First Dates Ireland is back

Melanie O’Connor writes:

 Following the resounding success of last year’s series, First Dates Ireland is set to be bigger and better with 12 episodes due to air this time round. Which means more cameras, more hopeful singletons and even more access to those intimate, funny, often excruciating blind date moments. Here’s a sneak peek from tomorrow’s night episode when Paddy and Lauren both go on their first ever date…

*lobs telly out window, catches it at the last minute, replaces it on its stand, puts kettle on*

First Dates Ireland on RTÉ2 at 9.30pm.

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12 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Happy Molloy

    I like this show, it’s fun. I’ve seen lots of the UK one and one thing I’ve really liked about it is that, for the most part, the makers do seem to try to watch couples and it’s nice when you see an attraction. Sometimes they do seem to be looking for a complete clash too, which can be entertaining.

    But what’s getting my goat recently is that every feckin date has someone telling a sob story. It’s like the sad piano bit from x factor where they show a tattoo that they have which was inspired by their dead granny why keeps them strong. There was one fella the last night who went straight in to talking about his dead wife, this is on a first date.

    There seems to be a general consensus among people who go on reality tv in the uk that if you don’t have a sad piano sob story and if you don’t wipe the tears from your eyes at some point then you’re a bad person.

    /rant over. Looking forward to the show tonight.

    1. Donger

      Yeeeeesssss. I’ve stopped watching the uk show for this reason…..well, also the waiter & waitresses with their words of wisdom and funny antidotes-they do my head in

      1. Junkface

        The format is awful, and the faux-caring chats/advice from the barman and waitresses make me cringe. Its totally transparent, formulaic rubbish!

        They care about their cash.

  2. Yeah, Ok

    I’m usually a bitter old fart but those two seem like lovely young’uns, hope they got on well :)

  3. bertie blenkinsop

    I’ve never actually seen the show but I think I’ll tune it tonight on the strength of that, they are both absolutely adorable.

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