“Bleak, Harsh And Cruel”



Kincora Boys’ Home, Belfast

A series of children’s homes run by church and charity in Northern Ireland were the scene of widespread abuse and mistreatment of young residents, the chair of the region’s historic abuse inquiry, Sir Anthony Hart, has said.

In one case a sex offender was found to have been moved from one home to another school. He said in one instance there was “systemic abuse, humiliation and sexual abuse“.

At the notorious Kincora boys’ home, where there were numerous allegation made of abuse, Sir Anthony said if an adequate RUC investigation had been carried out “those sexually abused after 1976 would have been spared their experience.”

The inquiry investigated persistent claims that intelligence agencies covered up the crimes committed by a paedophile ring in the home in the 1970s in order to blackmail some alleged high-profile abusers from within the British Establishment.

HIA sex abuse inquiry: Proper RUC Kincora investigation would have spared victims from abuse (Belfast Telegraph)

A “bleak, harsh and cruel” atmosphere was described by alleged victims at two properties in Belfast run by the Sisters of Nazareth.

Children were shipped off to Australia as migrants like “baby convicts”, witnesses said, and their names were changed once they arrived.

There were tales of violence perpetrated by members of religious orders.

But some of the gravest allegations involved sex attacks.

Police said sex abuse at Rubane Boy’s home in Co Down was rife.

And the inquiry heard that notorious paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth told a doctor he had sexually abused hundreds of children.

HIA inquiry evidence heard children treated like ‘baby convicts’ (Belfast Telegraph)

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30 thoughts on ““Bleak, Harsh And Cruel”

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I have several, but the sweary filter won’t let me use them.

      It’s revelations like these that caused me to stop believing in a higher power. “God” supposedly calls these people to religious life, to be his representatives on Earth and he knows everything your’re going to do from the moment he formed you in the womb. Why did god call so many evil, sadistic, abusive men and women to be his representatives in the knowledge that they were going to facilitate and participate the rape and torture of children? Either god is a sadistic paedophile (made in his own image, remember?), or non existent..

      1. Joxer

        Daisy – no one called these people to a life of holiness. they decided that the easiest way to facilitate their evil was to do it from a position of Authority hence they became Fr this, Sr that or MP/TD this that and the other. other areas of authority would also have significant numbers of paedophiles to with coaches as we see ref swimming and football and so many other sports

        these are just evil people. God doesn’t exist.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          I know that, Joxer. But you have billions around the world who do believe and are happy to continue believing in an all seeing, all knowing god who chooses rapists and abusers to lead his flock.

  1. jusayinlike

    Lord Louis Mountbatten used to be a fixture at the kincora boys home before mi6 murdered him, as was Ted Heath, it was a rentboy blackmail ring set up by the evil security services in Britain, “who framed Colin Wallace” by Paul Foot is a brilliant read on the subject, also Kincora by Chris Moore

  2. nellyb

    Should have been demolished like Brady/Hindley’s house.
    But when you think of it – half the real estate in the world would need to be destroyed. Child molestation is an ancient “sport” sans frontier, transcends class, religion, race and geo borders.

    1. Nigel

      God is that true? Was there no-one in this poxy hole of an island that didn’t think institutions were more important than the kids they were supposed to be caring for?

        1. jusayinlike

          BBC scumbag panorama did a nasty hit piece on the elm guest lodge and dolphin house scandals, Theresa May also scuppered 3 different inquiries into the scandals, this is not past tense unfortunately

          1. jusayinlike

            Spooky Theresa May appointed 3 different 3 chairs for the inquiry, all had to step down because of conflict of interest, she got rewarded for it with the pm, she’s obviously very pliable

    2. Topsy

      Many politicians in the south knew what was going on our own industrial schools & did nothing about it. Shameful stuff.

      1. jusayinlike

        I know that Austin Currie and many others were contacted in relation to kincora, they all did nothing, and if they did it came to nothing..

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        Because they were brainwashed and in thrall to the abusers, “catholic first, Irish second” sleeveens.

        1. jusayinlike

          Some may have voiced concerns but like I said kincora was a security services blackmail operation, their concerns would have been shut down quickly, that’s the crux of the Colin Wallace book..

  3. jusayinlike

    “Who framed Colin Wallace” by Paul Foot.
    Anyone looking for background on this would be well advised to read that book.

    Also “The kincora scandal” by Chris Moore.

  4. Peter Dempsey

    It’s slightly unfair to say nobody did nothing. The IRA took out Mountbatten, a fully-justified attack if the rumours about his role in Kincora are to be believed. Something which seems to be glossed over.

    1. jusayinlike

      I’m glad you mentioned that Peter, the operation that took out mountbatten was allegedly a one man job, the bomb was said to be a 50lb bomb, mountbattens boat was not very big, a 50lb bomb is like a pallet full of 50 pound bags of sugar, this is a very unlikely scenario especially if it was a one man job like Gerry and the British security services claimed.

      Onto Lord Louis, before landing in Sligo, Louis was the viceroy to India, he was the queens man in India, he was also a sadistic paedophile that earned him notoriety, he also became addicted to morphine and heroin his wife was a hopeless drunk who similarly was partial to morphine and ended up in a mental asylum, his time in India is littered with controversy.

      After India he was put in Sligo to keep him out of trouble, he was weak willed though and kept his nefarious activities in Ireland, and eventually ended up with similar minded aristocratic individuals paying kincora a visit, this is when the security services became involved as a leak of this magnitude would have seriously damaged their public image.

      Enter Gerry and the ira to take the blame in a very unrealistic scenario, collusion between security services and paramilitaries is not out of the ordinary in NI unfortunately.

      I have read but not seen concrete proof that Lord Louis got himself into a heroin smuggling ring with Prince Rainer of Monaco, the two lads were apparently skimming of the winnings got caught, Rainer’ punishment was said to be the Boston brakes job done to Grace Kelly’s jag, Lord Louis was banished to Sligo and told to keep his head down, the rest is history..

  5. Sheik Yahbouti

    “Give us your Babies, you filthy wh*ores – they fetch a pretty penny” – Sister Ignatius of the most merciful whatever you’re having yourself.

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