They Are Among Us


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26/1/2017. Adult TV Performers Visit Westport. L to R. Vicky Nami, Priya Young, and Alexa Brooke,  the Babestation TV adult models, got a taste of west of Ireland weather, when they visited Westport today, along with company representatives, to offer apologies to the towns residents for the telephone calls they received in mistake from callers to the adult site. Photo shows them being interviewed by Colm Flynn, of the Today Show on RTE. Photo: Eamonn Farrell/

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Above from left Vicky Nami, Priya Young, and Alexa Brooke, of the Babestation interviewed by Colm Flynn, of the Today Show on RTÉ

This afternoon.

Westport, County Mayo

Models from the UK-based Babestation TV station apologise for “any misunderstandings” concerning their  phone sex line number, which –  if  callers didn’t enter the +44 suffix – dialled straight through to a Westport number.

And the calls, while much cheaper, proved an unsatisfactory substitute. Apparently.

Babestation TV will change x-rated chatline number after complaints from Westport residents (

49 thoughts on “They Are Among Us

          1. Anne

            “The wimmins do be awful whingers about da misogyny, which doesn’t happen, UNLESS we’re talking about dem middle eastern lads. Dems do be awful misogninists against da wimmins. We don’t want dem coming over here disrespecting our wimmins. I does be a bit of a feminist when it applies to the middle eastern lads, otherwise, ask me boll-ox ”

            ( Outside, C , 2017)

          2. Anne

            “The marginalised are the marginalisers. ”
            “The blacks are the racists. ”
            “The wimmins get treated the best. ”
            “What’s this all about, can someone explain”
            “Anyone see me bike”

            ( Outside, C , 2017)

            Sorry Clamps. LAst one..

          3. Neil is a gum

            I think the point Anne was making is that your inherent and obvious nastiness isn’t a joke.

          4. Clampers Outside

            Maybe because we don’t celebrate women like Donna Hylton who tortured a 60 yr old gay man for days and shoved a metre long metal rod up his rectum before murdering him.

          5. Deluded

            I happen to think that physical and psychological dominance are more complex than just a matter of size and gender.
            (However the evidence is that the incidence of battery and murder is heavily skewed)
            I think that if you are genuine in your efforts for attention you should be campaigning and advocating for your own issues and not obsessing over obscure feminists nobody has heard of.
            Why are there no Men’s Marches?

          6. Deluded

            I don’t think that posting “tweets” will address these issues of bullying and self-esteem.
            Why don’t other men take you seriously?

          7. Clampers Outside!

            OK, Deluded you can disguise your intentional agitation with politeness all you like. But this morning it’s more transparent than ever… “Why don’t other men take you seriously?”

            Your accusation of bullying, plse provide any evidence you can.

            I support gender-inclusive DV groups, and have conversed with many from the UK and USA online. We don’t have any here in this country.

            Not supporting gender exclusive DV groups like SAFEIreland, and poining out their clear and present and ongoing campaigning to hush and hide*, statistics on male victims of DV is a good thing.

            * such as their speakers at the recent conference in November, Karen Ingala Smith who says the stats on male victims ios dangerous. She is not some obscure feminist. She was an invited speaker.


          8. Clampers Outside!

            Yet… still… there’s sfa help from the govt. In fact, there’s the opposite of help, as the govt went and ratified the Istanbul Convention… a piece to be put into legislation, a piece that is written in the language of the feminist theory of patriarchy.

            Yet, likely you will, as does our own govt just dismiss this… and ask stupid questions like… why don’t men march… you are a disingenuous troll dressed in good manners.

          9. Deluded

            By bullying and self-esteem I meant the dynamics of relationships.
            I think there is a paradox in men admitting vulnerability while trying to appeal to other men for support, that is my point.
            (I’ve read a lot of your links before, I’m not ignoring them)
            Attacking feminism while ignoring the actions and attitudes of men, I believe, is counterproductive to your cause.

          10. Clampers Outside!

            I don’t ignore male destructive behaviour, I try (I’m not a professional) to point oput the sweeping generalisations about male behaviour that feminism promotes in order to further its’ cause at the expense of the wider population of men… ie, demonising through theories of ‘patriarchy’.

            If I come across like a bull in a China shop, well… that’s unfortunate, I’ll learn to steer the beast eventually.

          11. Clampers Outside!

            Hi again, your disingenuosness through me and I missed this bit…

            “I happen to think that physical and psychological dominance are more complex than just a matter of size and gender.”
            Absolutely agree 100% which is why the stupid theory of ‘patriarchy’ must be put in the bin. All that I have read says that we need to move away from this infantile theory and put the focus on ‘personality types and IQ’.
            For example, male and female abusers tend to attract each other hence the reciprocal relationship violence coming in at 70% of all domestic violence cases.
            My issue (as I repeatedly bang my drum, I’m told) is with the nonsense of patriarchy which ignores this and does so intentionally as it does not serve the purposes feminism has set out.

            The Dr Tonia video I have posted a couple of times covers this well.

  1. Truth in the News

    Well at least they didn’t need any Botox, they might relocate to Westport and give a boost to the local
    economy, imagine Micheal Ring promoting the employment initiative, even Kenny might attend since
    he has nothing else for the constituency.

  2. Peter Dempsey

    Fair play to them for coming to Westport. They look fantastic and I’d say they know how to enjoy themselves and not take life too seriously or get wound up about identity politics.. The po-faced ladies in the We Face The Land / Strike 4 Repeal videos should take note.

    1. Jesus Wept

      They’re ok Peter don’t get too excited.If it’s pictures that excite you with a little googlr search you’ll find a lot better,but feel free to knock one out if you think your standards don’t go any higher.

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