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The IMRO Live Music Venue of the Year Award nominees were released yesterday, with the live award-ceremony happening on February 21st at the organisation’s Dublin headquarters. Musical guests: Overhead, the Albatross and Soulé, with more TBC.

One overall winner is totted up from votes from the national shortlists, while Hot Press readers/digital subs also get a shout in on the Hot Press Venue of the Year award via the mag’s Readers’ Poll.

Writes Liza Geddes:

More than 11,500 IMRO members considered hundreds of venues across the country for the shortlist. Venues were judged on their commitment to providing the core elements that make for a great live music venue – atmosphere, sound and lighting, staging, diversity of programming and importantly, the staff and management of each venue. IMRO members also voted on Ireland’s music festivals, delivering a shortlist of their top ten festivals.

Live music venues and festivals play a vital role in the music industry in Ireland, giving international and homegrown artists a platform to engage with fans and build new audiences. They also play a central role in urban and rural communities across the country, providing a social gathering space for varied audiences, and contributing hugely to the domestic economy.

See the shortlists, get to voting for your favourite local venue, and chuck votes in for half-remembered non-local gaffs at the voting page.


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