48 thoughts on “She Is Among Us

          1. Compassion Cash

            True, I’m not a fan of his but he literally can’t put a foot right.

            At least this way he can’t be accused of wasting (more) money.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            Here’s a mad idea, Kieran ~ I know: I’m daft and barmy ~ but maybe Enda could get a tailor and pay for it himself…you know, out of his €3,740 a week pay. Most people do actually buy their own clothes.

          3. Kieran NYC

            Then you’d be moaning that he gets paid too much to be able to afford a tailor.

            You just want them all in sackcloth. Same kind that whinges about Dan Boyle’s pension each and every week.

          4. Brother Barnabas

            No, I already moan that he gets paid too much. Almost €4,000 a week for a trumped-up schoolteacher is nuts. But whether I like it or not (and I don’t), he’s Taoiseach, and he should dress and comport himself in an appropriate manner.

          1. msg

            Really? You’d be fine with him working in the nip? You don’t think meeting the head of state of our largest trading partner is work? You’re a tough one
            Aren’t ya?

    1. Louis Lefronde

      Ah Daddy so predictable…. doing the job of a Fianna Fáil spin doctor

      Rule 1. Target Kenny
      Rule 2. Target Kenny
      Rule 3. Target Kenny

      Always the same tactic, and stupid people always fall for it.

  1. Ben Redmond

    Theresa May’s first ever visit to Ireland? Will she come back with the hubby next summer for a serene holiday in Bundoran or Kinsale? Get talking to her, Failte Ireland.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      A tallish woman who will develop a hump from scrunching down whilst meeting the mini men who rule the world.

    2. jusayinlike

      I hear you Ben, satanic rituals are her thing so you’ll probably get on great with her, she’s a spooky old cow

    3. SomeChump

      People don’t go on holiday to a place because their prime minister does. Do you pick your holidays based on where Enda goes?

  2. Romantic O'Leary

    Ah Tess! Bless.. she was here for a whopping entire 5mins, sorry typo, 55mins of productive Brexit strategising for “our citizens”. One should now realise that the British govt doesn’t give a pants -or- leopardskin shoe about us in this farce #savepoolbrexit

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Theresa the appeaser! The Unwanted Kingdom is desperate to have the US as an ally and trading partner. So, the US could invade Mexico or Canada, and May would not condemn it.

  4. Biggins

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