Missing For 20 Years



A wonderful story of love’s labours lost from Limerick, courtesy of musician Stephen Purcell.

True story! 20 years ago my first band recorded an album for an independent label. At the juvenile age of 16, we were in our element heading in and out of a 48 track studio over the course of three months fulfilling our “artistic vision.”

During the mixing process, the label informed us that they were shutting up shop and releasing the roster from their contracts. The album was shelved :( Not only was it shelved, the only master copy in existence went missing.

In a weird turn of events, 20 years to the year, the master has turned up. How? Well, yesterday I was moving some boxes about and ended up flicking through a box of labeled and unlabeled blank CDs. Among them was a disc labeled, ‘Figment – 4 Tracks.’ To say I was surprised would be an understatement. It gets better. When I put the ‘4 track’ CD into my system, it listed 10 tracks. I thought, “no fucking way.” I had found the bloody album!!

So, after a day of nostalgic whatsapp group messaging between all involved, I thought I’d share our little feel good story for those of you battling Trumpitis. If brattish, 90’s guitar-pop is your thing, check it out, it’s free!

Any similar stories of unearthed gems or rediscovered passions? Please, let us know in the comments, or get in touch.

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13 thoughts on “Missing For 20 Years

  1. ironcorona

    Gutted for you that you got as far as making an album and the label shut up shop.

    I hope you managed the same again later.

  2. Murtles

    When I was 16 I wrote the words and chords for a great track called “Hold Me, Don’t Cry” on the train from Dublin to Sligo. There was a lad Danny sitting across from me who said his brother was a song writer too but I was concentrating on my song too much to engage him in conversation. I went to the jacks just before the train got into Longford and when I came back Danny was gone as was my song. 1987 Danny Logans brother, Johnny appears on telly from Brussels…….

    1. scottser

      you’ve left it a long time to do anything about it. but hey, what’s another year, to someone who’s lost everything that he had..?

  3. Jaffa

    Ahm….I quite like that. I hope some fat music mogul comes onto BS and offers these guys 10’s of bucks to reform and they go stratospheric,ala Wayne’s World’s happy ending. That would be cool. Just sayin’.

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