7 thoughts on “I’m With Cupid

  1. scottser

    the persistence of this nonsense is proof that broadsheet actually hates us. admit it bodger, you’d rather be working in tesco wouldn’t you?

  2. Talismania!

    Is Leather Jacket Guy actually Bodger?

    Fair dues to them, they generate a high volume of consistent product. Like Ringsend Biocake, only with more shouting.

  3. Joe

    FYI broadsheet take down anything negative said about these two. Is it a case of giving friends some preferential treatment or do they pay for the post. These guys have mainly yank fans from what I can gather online but the Irish fans are low. Ye need to stop forcing it on us, it’s just not to most of our taste.

  4. Drake Thompson

    Jaysus! Is this one actually 41 min long?! Some day I really hope to get it…or the lovely man him self does.

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