5 thoughts on “Joe Dole

  1. martco

    The final instalment of the web based comic strip blah blah…
    (designed by the author to make the reader feel inadequate if at all possible by attempting to convince the reader that the humour contained within is just soooo so cryptic n highbrow that they just couldn’t possibly ever understand it with their tiny uneducated minds – whilst the author consciously and deliberately creates a load of pure utter boll—s)

    i.e. ze joke is on you the reader

  2. Joe

    “The final (thank god) installment of the weekly (was it ever weekly?) webcomic (questionable suffix, suggest web-thing) with a continuous (read: absent) storyline.”
    Goodnight Joe Dole.

  3. Tony

    Thank god that’s over. Excruciating to see these with the comments left open to collect all the hate. Mean and cynical.

    Good luck to you Joe Dole artist.

    Bodger – no more cartoons from you thanks.

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