Was It For This?



Thanks John Gallen

Martin Daubney?

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8 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. Rob_G

      The think that the implication is that Corbyn is a bit inconsistent in saying that he doesn’t want a visit from Trump because he is a bit of a racist and misogynist, but doesn’t mind palling around with Gerry Adams who has actually murdered people*, including British subjects and members of its armed forces.

      *allegedly – but, come on…

    1. Mark Kelly

      Why is that Peter? I’m genuinely curious?

      The clip is about Trumps potential visit to the UK and her rebuttal consisted of her saying that she got an exemption for UK citizens, does that make it all fine and dandy then in your opinion? Also she claimed she had laid the foundations for a trade deal which is essentially meaningless. She then makes a quip about leading a country while he leads a protest which is a good line but again doesn’t actually mean anything. She is leading a country into a hard Brexit which most likely will be disastrous for both the UK and Ireland.

      It seems to me you are only saying this because the Daily Express is telling you to think this way which makes you a sheep or an idiot or most likely both.

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