‘Government Sources Have Said’


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Further to reports that Sgt Maurice McCabe met the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone on January 25, 2017

And Tusla chief executive Fred McBride telling Áine Lawlor on RTÉ’s News at One this afternoon that Tusla briefed Ms Zappone’s department about the matters concerning Tusla and Sgt Maurice McCabe “within days of us finding out, or certainly at my level, finding out what had happened here…I can’t get an exact date but within a couple of days”…

And Katie Hannon reporting on Prime Time last night that on January 27, 2017, the chief operations officer of Tusla wrote to the Secretary General of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs acknowledging that ‘mistakes were made in the management of this matter’ and saying that he had ‘instituted a case review internal to Tusla’…

And the terms of reference of a commission of investigation into Supt Dave Taylor and Sgt Maurice McCabe’s protected disclosures being published on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sarah Bardon, in The Irish Times, writes:

Ms Zappone met Sgt McCabe last month after receiving a letter from Tusla, the child and family agency, confirming it wrongly sent a file containing false allegations of child sex abuse made against Mr McCabe to gardaí.

Sources said Ms Zappone had not informed Cabinet of the matter when the proposed terms of reference for the commission of inquiry into the handling of garda whistleblowers were discussed this week.

…Neither Ms Zappone or her spokesman have responded to the claims yet.

Zappone urged to clarify handling of false claims against McCabe (Sarah Bardon, The Irish Times)

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20 thoughts on “‘Government Sources Have Said’

  1. Brother Barnabas

    Independents knew they’d be thrown to the wolves by this government at first opportunity – or should have known.

  2. martco

    nah I’m sorry not buying any of this

    you can be certain that both Edna and Fitzgerald knew about this at least weeks ago. seriously?

    I think we all have an involvement in this

    What these cnuts have done to Mr McCabe could be me or you. Imagine that for a mo. And you’d be most likely be unable to deal with it.

    I’d like to show support for Maurice McCabe in some way but also show the politicians in govt and the politicians in the guards that we ain’t buying this horsesht. I’d very much hope a protest is organised which I’ll absolutely attend rain or shine

  3. No more mr nice guy

    Frilly is 100% correct

    This is more fake news

    Whether Zappone mentioned it at cabinet is not the story!

  4. eddie moon

    should zappone’s first action not be to ask if they have sent any other cold abuse allegations “in error”. I’d prefer we had an excuse to fire the whole cabinet and gardai management than to know a protection agency was making more than one erroneous allegations.

  5. Murtles

    Right Hand : Hello Left Hand, what ya up to?
    Left Hand : Arrrgggghhhhh!!! Who are you? Where did you come from?

  6. Rugbyfan

    ‘Sources said Ms Zappone had not informed Cabinet of the matter when the proposed terms of reference for the commission of inquiry into the handling of garda whistleblowers were discussed this week’

    give amateurs jobs , get amateur results!

  7. perricrisptayto

    I doubt it was zappone who instageted the tusla report in the first instance, that being said,she,s a 4th division player playing in the premier league.
    noirin’s really spreading the hurt around on this one, and I doubt she’s finished yet.

  8. martco

    Zappone might be out of her depth here but she’s not the story.

    You can be sure as eggs that both Fitzgerald & Kenny knew about this so she’s irrelevant despite the title. Dail misled imo.

    The focus needs to be on airing all this dirt, prosecuting the people directly responsible (by bringing in an outside investigator from a different jurisdiction) and supporting Mr. McCabe and his family and letting him know that regular decent people are with him all the way!

    I need a pint.

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