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    1. Anne

      Just because they lost on their -(i.e. your) money in the markets.

      And all of those gazillions of bogus claims too of course, that we’ve been told about from rte.

      1. Jonickal

        Actually no.

        It’s due to three things:
        – low returns on their investments (bond yields are close to zero)
        – new EU rules that insurance companies must keep more cash on hand to shore up potential liabilities
        – increases in claims in general (not just bogus ones)

          1. Anne

            Stop trolling me you. It’s mean, abusive and me feelings etc. I don’t know how the admins let you away with it.

        1. Anne

          Low returns and EU rules to keep more of a stock pile of cash on hand – i.e. to not throw it all into the markets, should not entail higher premiums for customers.

          The few thousand claims also were well covered by the 2.5 million drivers, prior to the massive gouging.

          Industry wide gouging is what’s going on.

          Did you ever hear the likes of it, the EU says they’re to use more of their money for the business of insurance..so you’ll pay for this and our gambles. Low yields my hoop. Go way out of it.

  1. David J

    I was with no nonsense, got an increase from ~500 to 1300. Again, just because. I’ve been driving for years and have never made a claim. I think its just a random number generator that makes up these quotes. A few friends got a good deal with Supervalu, I got a good deal* with AIB.

    *good deal was 750 which is a bad deal but the best I could find after an hour on the internet inputting the same data into different websites..

      1. No more mr nice guy

        Overall I got a €500 reduction this year. Some people are just very lazy -!: and would rather whine about how unfair the world is than be pro active

        1. Nigel

          Yeah, wouldn’t want people making noise about the behaviour of the insurance agencies. People complaining about things being unfair are the worst. Not like awesome people who call other people lazy based on feck-all.

        2. Gers

          Not always. I shopped around for days, double what was my premium last year was for me the best option im afraid.

  2. Listrade

    Yeah mine went up by similar amount from €500.

    Protip: use its4women. It isn’t only for women and quote was less than I was paying last year,

    1. Sheikh Yabooti

      Anyone know if EU companies can tout for business here under free market principles, or are we not profitable enough/too risky for them?

      1. dav

        I suspect the nice cozy relationship between the insurance companies and the legal golden circle here may have something to do with it.

  3. Murtles

    Minister for Health – I can’t do anything about the HSE

    Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation – Neither me nor the Competition Authority can do anything about Insurance premiums

    Minister for Justice – I can do anything about lenient sentencing of criminal

    Minister for Transport – I can’t get involved in Bus Eireann/Irish Rail threatened strikes

    WTF good are ye for so ye wasters?

  4. Mooby

    I used to be insured by FBD and similar to this, my renewal quote went up massively. I went elsewhere but having subsequently chatted to someone in the industry, they told me that FBD are actively trying to get out of the motor insurance industry and this was the reason for the big hike. This was back in 2015 though so not sure how accurate that information was.

    1. DavidT

      I’ve never had a competitive quote from the AA. I shop around every year and theirs are amongst the highest. And I’m a ‘safe bet’ – older, never claimed, small car, house owner.

      1. wearnicehats

        I’m in the same bracket – the AA were half the price of any of my own and any of the other 4 insurers I tried. I went to them on the recommendation of friends in the same bracket. Go figure

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