For Your Consideration: Text Me Love


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Text Me Love

A digital narrative project that traces a relationship from first flutters to goodbye.

Leon writes:

This is a series of haikus and digital animations that trace the life cycle of a relationship, from first meeting to end-ish.

Read the series here

7 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Text Me Love

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Needs instructions at the start… or was the intention to be like one is a teen fumbling around on a first date… ?

    But once it, the text, starts to move… with the bland conversation… then a fast forward button would be handy….

    I lasted up to where one of the two left their leather jacket in the others house… I thought LJG was gonna pop out… which woulda been something… but no…………

    Cack, real uber cack

    1. Lord Snowflakee

      Yes I’m inclined to say it’s metrosexual uber-cack

      reminds me of the kind of movies Larry Clark would make e/g/ Kids – basically child pornography dressed up as some ‘examination’ of the contemporary teenage experience

      except not even any tits

  2. Riz

    “And reality of that unreality became so intimate we forgot what it felt like to fall into eyes”

    This is so far up it’s own backside it’s peering out of its mouth.

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