In The Name Of Guard, Go


File photo. Garda Whistle Blower Story. The Government is in its most serious crisis since its formation, over the treatment of garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe and his family. As the story unfolds, it is dragging more and more politicians, ministers and institutions into its web of deceit. It is now possible that the Government could fall before the Commission of Inquiry gets off the ground. Prominent whistleblower, Sgt Maurice McCabe has claimed he was targeted in a smear campaign by senior members of the Garda. He is supported in his claims by the former head of the Garda Press Office, Superintentent David Taylor. End. 15/9/2014. Under Pressure. Garda Interim Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan, under pressure as she responds to media questions regarding the latest claims by garda whistle blower SGt Maurice McCabe that there have been furter garda abuses of the penalty points system. They were speaking as the minister arrived at the Garda College in Templemore in County Tipperary to meet new recruits. Photo Eamonn Farrell/


From top: Garda Commissioner Nóirin O’Sullivan; Senator Michael McDowell

This morning.

In the Seanad.

Senator McDowell said that Ms O’Sullivan should step aside “for the duration of the tribunal until it has reported, or permanently’’.

Mr McDowell said it was totally inconceivable that officers, including senior officers of a disciplined force, should be asked in public to accuse the person in charge of them of grave misbehaviour in evidence to a public inquiry.

He said it would be difficult for them to instruct counsel to cross-examine that person as to her honestly, reliability and suitability for office.

Mr McDowell said the public should not be judge and jury in the matter.

“However, the rights of all persons and the public to fairness come first,’’ he added. “The determination that the commissioner should remain in place during the tribunal is neither fair, nor appropriate nor defensible.”

Michael McDowell calls on Garda Commissioner to stand aside (Irish Times)

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36 thoughts on “In The Name Of Guard, Go

    1. Topsy

      News, yes she’ll be gone by Monday.
      However a tribunal will ensure the there will be no criminal prescutions in respect of those who are responsible for this poo.

  1. Harry Molloy

    He’s right of course, and if it doesn’t happen now there will be a judicial review that will prompt it

          1. jungleman

            Let’s say there IS a judicial review, how is that going to prompt her to stand aside now? This thing could trundle on for months or years.

            The only reason she will stand aside now is if she is ordered to do so by her superiors.

            Tribunals don’t fire people.

  2. SOMK

    Ah if it isn’t the Senator who doesn’t think the senate should exist and who torpedoed the CPI, called the racist referendum and so on… what a champ! All the moral authority of Sister Asumpta with her face covered in chocolate (not that he’s wrong).

      1. Brother Barnabas

        he does agree with him

        he just doesn’t like him

        but, in fairness, what the senator is saying is hardly controversial or wacky, so we can probably dismiss that and just focus on his smarmy insincerity and general nastiness

          1. Brother Barnabas

            I would strongly disagree. and base this view on a comparison of his compassionate and pragmatic attitude towards asylum seekers when he was a newspaper columnist in the 1990s and his unfair, inhumane treatment of asylum seekers when he became minister of justice a decade or so later. an utter volte face.

            he’s a horrible, lying boo-boo

          2. Brother Barnabas

            no, I actually did say “boo boo”

            it’s an insult I reserve for moments when I’m especially annoyed. I also jump up and down and punch my own hips.

      1. Kieran NYC

        To remove automatic right to citizenship for people born in Ireland.

        It’s disgraceful. We should start on repealing it once we get the 8th out of the way.

        1. classter

          KNYC, I disagreed with it & disagree with it still but it is a bit far to say it is racist.

          It did bring Ireland’s law on the matter into line with most other European countries.

          1. Kieran NYC

            It was called because some people got hysterical about Nigerian women supposedly coming to Ireland pregnant, having a baby there and then being able to stay because their child was Irish.

            No one was worried about English women or American women doing this.

            It was entirely racist.

  3. Ms Star

    McDowell is right but the Irish Times should say that he has acted for Maurice McCabe to give full context. That would require some prior knowledge or basic journalistic research though.

    1. classter

      He is a public figure, a respected barrister (like it or not) and a former minister for justice.

      I’d have thought he’s about as well qualified as anybody to comment, no?

  4. Devine

    Not just O’Sullivan, but several others who will be the subject of the inquiry should be made stand aside too. An outsider should be brought in the perform the function in the intervening period, or a civilian with no connection with the cops.

  5. Devine

    I seem to recall McDowell was annoyed with the Gardai in the past when details concerning his son’s assault was leaked to the press.

  6. Topsy

    Something I found very interesting was:
    During the O’ Higgins commission enquiry two Gardai gave evidence (presumably under oath) that they had met with M. McCabe and that during the meeting McCabe said his complaints were mischievous, only made to get at another office. Fortunately McCabe had taped the conversation and was therefore able to prove that those witnesses were in fact lying under oath.
    This would seem to me to be hugely significant. However O’ Higgins failed to mention any of this in his report.
    To me this asks a question regarding the impartiality of the good judge in the matter.
    Furthermore these two officers, it appears, were not investigated by O’ Sullivan for their actions.
    All most curious indeed.

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