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  1. Willie Banjo

    Couldn’t this be equally addressed to men? Or maybe they were shamelessly looking for that ‘no such thing as bad publicity’ publicity. In which case, they should thank you Broadsheet.

  2. Kenny Plank

    Cue whingeing on Twitter by the white female privilege of Irish media: Louise McSharry, Roisin Ingle, etc.

    Get over it and go for a run.

  3. Nigel

    So there’s some chalk-fingered barman who can’t get a date to save his life, looking forward to putting the lemon juice of bitterness on his pancakes of loneliness.

    1. Daddy

      You’d like it in there Harry. Old school place with live bands doing covers of 70s rock classics and dull barmen engaging in mind-numbing banter. Meat and two veg at the weekends, loads of other taxi drivers to talk to and second time around middle aged bottle blondes.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Do a few in one….

    “chins” up surely…

    Men are fat too! This is a gender fattist offensive sign.

    Pancake Tuesday is cultural appropriation of an earlier Anglo-Saxon Christian tradition. If not A-S Christian you cannot take part.

    Welcome to the left, you will be maligned until you give up all hope and join the collective. You will be assimilated into the regressive left. Resistance is futile, welcome to the Borg. Make me a panpake Locutus

    1. Starina

      you’re right, Clamps, I just love being categorised as either a Hot Chick or a Fat Chick – and as I’m not a size 0, I could fall into either category depending on the viewer, but men’s opinions are nevertheless a major factor in my self-worth and my worth to the world. It’s really great to walk down the road and be reminded that I need to keep the really important things in mind, like my attractiveness. Suck it in, ladies, and don’t eat too many pancakes!

      Tell me again about how feminism is unnecessary. *puts hands under chin and bats eyelashes*

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Did I hurt the opinions of the two snowflakes…. LOL

          You two are hilarious…

          Starina assumes some sort of offence on the lines of body shaming, then Nigel with a brain fart of a gibberish assumption – “regressively not finding that board hilarious!” – steps in with support (?) …..and Starina steps in again, sarcastically putting herself down… assuming to be a tea-lady or something…

          Sarcasm or not, your propensity to put yourselves down in this manner is just an example of the regressive left collective speak in order to ensure nobody feels good about themselves because the only sense of worth from the regressive left is in victimhood competition. You two, will win medals for effort for sure.

          Keep it up… long live the collective… “we are Borg, we will be offended collectively, the resistance is food shy ….or something!”

          – – – – – – – – – – – – –

          “Tell me again about how feminism is unnecessary. *puts hands under chin and bats eyelashes* ”
          Tell me where you read that it was – then I’ll tell you to direct your question at the person who wrote it Starina.
          Glad to help.
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

          “It’s really great to walk down the road and be reminded that I need to keep the really important things in mind, like my attractiveness. ”
          You shouldn’t take ques for your happiness from the world around you. That’s what children do. Usually they grow out of it when they realise the world doesn’t revolve around them… begins usually, somewhere between 3-5 years old.

          Happiness comes from within, and the first step is to stop comparing your self to others… you know, like reading a juvenile and silly pub sign and then taking the message personally, ie comparing yourself, or even getting offended on behalf of others so that you may virtue signal your offence and gain ‘right-on’ points from the collective.

          – – – – – – – – – – – – –

          An aside…
          If you two ever get off the social justice band wagon… you will enjoy the following excerpt (I also recommend the full two hour talk which is in the link).

          But until then, this short piece will likely offend you, it’s the social justice way, after all…

          Jordan Peterson: Social Justice Doctrine is Nihilistic & Pernicious
          (also gives a good quick look at the legally unworkable stupidity of claims around there being more than two genders by your buddies on the regressive left)


          1. Nigel

            You are weirdly humourless, and as earnest as a Mormon missionary for someone who LOLs at people all the time. There you go, assuming other people’s insincerity, trying to read their minds, second-guess their motivations, and begging them to come into the light. Preach it, Brother Clamps.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            Cheers Nigel,
            Your first bit is name calling… which I did LOL at, thanks.

            This bit though… “assuming other people’s insincerity”… em, so you were serious…. ooooh-er…. that’s even more wacky. Fair play to you admitting it Nigel, takes gumption.

            ” trying to read their minds” – it’s called a conversation, you know where not every word is individually explained into a context.
            Is it that you intentionally speak in vagaries Nigel… do you not want to be understood when conversing? Is that some sort of tactic? For what end would it serve but to break down communication?

            I’m struggling with this bit about where I am supposed to have “second-guess their motivations” – where did I do that? Is this the first point, is this about being intentionally vague also?
            Do you understand what communication is supposed to do. It’s supposed to get across a point not hide in perpetual translucence.

            Not sure where you get this…. but it is quite funny, painting me as a preacher or something. More LOLs! – “begging them to come into the light. Preach it, Brother Clamps” –
            “begging” …Hah!

          3. Clampers Outside!

            No Starina, thanks for your concern. I’m healthier and fitter than the vast majority of men my age, thanks. My Dr, an Iraqi immigrant, told me so, and his wife who works in the practice too, said I’m fine also.

            But thank you for your misplaced concern Star, you should look into that and look after yourself so that you don’t get so riled over bad jokes on signs in the street.

            – – – –

            No Nigel, you don’t have to wade through anything. Just skip to the video, and watch it.

            – – – –
            Glad to help you out with your concerns guys, any time.

          4. realPolithicks

            Jaysus Clampers, now you’re calling people “snowflakes”. I’m sad to say you’ve become an unreadable bitter bore.

          5. Nothing Else Matters

            You’re probably correct Clampers but so joyless, bitter and nasty it’s hard to tell and even harder to care

  5. ReproBertie

    That’s an utter disgrace and Mother Reilly’s should hang their head in shame.

    Pancake Tuesday is not until next week.

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