Jam Yesterday



Fairview, Dublin 3 during the CIE bus strike in Summer 1974

Good times.

One of the images now available in the just launched Historical Digital Collection at Dublin City Libraries.

Ellen Murphy writes:

Traffic jams during a 1970’s CIE bus strike Croagh Patrick Pilgrimages (1958), and jubilant Heffo’s Army supporters are among 43,000 historic photographs and documents which are being made freely available online by Dublin City Council today.

These formerly unseen images date as early as 1757 and include photographs, postcards, letters, maps and historical memorabilia.

Highlights of the collection, which can be found at digital.libraries.dublincity.ie include the Fáilte Ireland Photographic Collection with images of people, places and tourist locations all across Ireland from 1930s, the Irish Theatre Archive Photographic Collection, and Dublin City Council Photographic Collection.

Name those jammers, anyone?

Digital Libraries

Dublin City Libraries (Facebook)

Pic: William Mooney

20 thoughts on “Jam Yesterday

    1. scottser

      bram’s gaff at marino crescent was built by the vernon family as a ‘spite fence’ to wreck lord charlemont’s view from his pile in marino. charlemont took vernon to court and it was the first case in irish law to establish that you are entitled to light and privacy, but not a view.

  1. A Taxpayer

    This is an invaluable relic of our proud heritage of blocking box junctions. Brings a tear to the eye.

        1. The Old Boy


          Do you get flashbacks of trying to dry out the distributor of your Austin Princess with WD-40 in the rain, Bertie?

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            The days when you’d be pretty certain you’d have to give at least one of your neighbours cars a push start most winter mornings.

  2. Bill

    This junction is like that every morning now anyway, the only difference is the cars are confined to two lanes instead of three, due to bus lane.

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