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23/02/2017. Policing Authority . Pictured (LtoR) Assistant Garda Commissioner John Twomey and Garda Commissioner Norin O Sullivan speaking at the Policing Authority in the Griffith Conference Centre in Dublin this afternoon. Photo: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie

Above: Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan and Assistant Garda Commissioner John Twomey at the Policing Authority

This afternoon.

The Griffith Conference Centre, Dublin.

Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan faces The Policing Authority.

“We welcome the fact we will be able to deal with these issues in a public forum,” she said.

Asked if she was concerned that public confidence in the Garda had been damaged she said the “overture of negative sentiment” undermined many institutions of the State.

“That is something that as police professionals we have to live with every day,” she said. “Am I concerned about it? Of course I am.

Nóirín O’Sullivan ‘welcomes tribunal’ into McCabe controversy (Conor Lally, Irish Times)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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10 thoughts on “Damage

  1. 15p

    theyll have an inquiry, no matter what comes up about her, she’ll walk away from it with her job. sending out a clear signal to all Gardai, its business as usual, keep doin what youre doin. it will also deter other whistleblowers from coming forward in the future. the gardai are a tainted force. a government private army who only look out for themselves.

    1. bleeschmn

      Ah now, that’s just cynical. They might put her in a different job on the same or better pay.
      Like all the rejects who landed in Tusla jobs.

    2. martco

      they are a law unto themselves, certainly the current government makeup won’t ever ever do what has to be done. I for one have yet to meet any fellow citizen family friend or workmate who says they think the guards are being truthful or even that the lines are blurred…

      question: in effect if the guards are more powerful than government as seems the case is that not what a police state is?

      everytime these snide fuppers throw on a sideshow like this must be like another proper kicking for Maurice McCabe…I hope he has plenty of mental support in his life, this can’t be easy to deal with

    1. Scooperman

      I’m not for a second defending O’ Sullivan but there are plenty of hard working rank and file guards on dirt pay putting themselves in dangerous situations everyday. I wouldn’t do it.

  2. Romeo C

    The lady doth protest to much…….let’s see what happens….her message is a clear act of war against the whistleblowers…..I fear it’s a sword she will fall on…..

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