Lifting A Burden


File Photo Peter Mathews, former Fine Gael and Independent TD, has died. Former politician diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2016 after routine check-up. End. 25/06/2015. Funeral - Funeral of Lorcan Miller . Pictured 21/01/2011. Fine Gael introduced newest candidtate for Dublin South Peter Matthews. Pictured is new candidate Peter Matthews at Leinster House. Photo Eleanor Keegan/

Former Fine Gael TD Peter Mathews

“When I was with the finance and public expenditure committee, meeting other committees in the Bundestag, we put to them information of which they were clearly not aware. These people are on the budgetary committee of the Bundestag, with a €300 billion budget.

I put it to them that the loan losses in our banking system were 60% of our national income or GDP. If the same problem had arisen in Germany, it would be a €300 billion part of its GDP. We were being asked, silently, to bear this load, which was wrong.

The ESRI equivalent in Germany was not aware that the three elements of debt in this economy comprised private household debt and non-financial corporate debt as well as the sovereign debt, which is the focus of the fiscal compact.

Our private household debt and non-financial corporate debt is twice the size of that of Greece, …What is happening today is really a shame. We are boxed into the old traditions.”

Peter Mathews, February 12, 2012

In fairness.

Peter Mathews, former FG and Independent TD, dies aged 65 (Irish Times)

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16 thoughts on “Lifting A Burden

  1. jusayinlike

    Thanks fine gael for getting us such a great deal, former European peoples party president Enda Kenny really stuck it up to the Germans..

    1. Steve

      This is why you’re a gobsh@&e.

      Hate FG all you want but have the class to say nothing on this post and spew your tripe on another.

      1. jusayinlike

        Steve, it is my right to urinate all over your precious cult if I want to, if you don’t like it I hear is full of confused safe space right wing moron liberals..

  2. curmudegon

    Am I the only one who is in shock? Peter Mathews was a regular on Tonight with Vincent Browne and always seemed sprightly and in robust good health.

      1. bisted

        …wasn’t it on Vincent Browne that he made his famous ‘sure we’re all going to end up dead’ contribution to the debate on protection for pregnant women…

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Yes it was. People also seem to forget how he robustly defendedFG policy, and the Fiscal Compact Treaty, over and over on the same show – until he lost the party whip.

        2. Anne

          It’s probably official FG policy..yer going to die anyway. On a waiting list for’re going to die anyway. Homeless? .Have you considered that you’ll not be needing a house when you’re dead?

        3. BobbyJ


          Sinead Kennedy: “So you think it’s an acceptable risk for a woman to be allowed to continue with a pregnancy even if that pregnancy would damage her health. You think that’s acceptable?”

          Vincent Browne: “For the rest of her life. Seriously imperil her health for the rest of her life.”

          Peter Mathews: “But sure we’re all going to end up dead anyway.”

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