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Dublin Digital Radio continues to innovate on their self-created online airwaves, playing host to dozens of new shows from all over the country. It’s a big weekend for the station, with more shows debuting.

Collective member Aoife Davis writes:

Heading into March, we’ve got an even wider selection of shows at Dublin Digital Radio, with newcomers joining to airwaves weekly, including “Morning Gardening with Jenn“, “Digital Garden” and “Little L Records”.

Our highlights of the week include Gash Collective’s ELLLL, bringing you a selection of witch house, noise and left field bass, Sonntags Radio’s upbeat disco, house and funk and ambient, down tempo and soulful sounds from Underneath the Orange Tree, with James Rogers and Ruaidhri Finnegan.

This weekend is shaping up to be an exciting one, welcoming new show “Beautiful Swimmers” on Saturday at 7pm, while also looking out for Repeater with Eomac and our regular, Eoin Ryan with Shivers Radio on Sunday.


This Wednesday, the station will also be running twenty-four hours of female voices for International Women’s Day, in solidarity with Strike4Repeal.

Writes Cathy Flynn:

The aim of 24 Hours of Women’s Voices is to make you feel inspired and excited this International Women’s Day/Strike4Repeal Day. We want to be the soundtrack to your day, whether you are at home, in work, or out on the streets. If you cannot strike and want to feel like you are part of the day, stick on Dublin Digital Radio, and feel the Girl Power through the air waves. Also, women’s voices make up only about 28% of broadcasting on Irish airwaves. 24 Hours of Women’s Voices is an example of the breadth of female creativity there is out there. We are taking this opportunity to have one day of 100% women’s voices!

Listen here, live or on-demand.

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