22 thoughts on “Don’t Start Believin’

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I am guessing their guitar section says ‘no stairway to heaven or smoke on the water”.

    1. scottser

      smoke on the water was replaced by sweet child o mine over 20 years ago.
      a mate of mine used to go into music maker and play ‘eruption’ by van halen just to annoy them..

      1. edalicious

        Sweet Child was replaced by Sex is on Fire. Could be something new again now, it’s been a few years since I was working with music shops.


    do the the requisite for all music shop employees require them
    to posses an air of superior when it comes to all music,
    to profile anyone who walks through their door as to whether they are there
    to actually buy, & to look on with disdain and screw their face up as if nails are being scrapped on a blackboard when a potential customer attempts to lashout a few keys on a keyboard..
    I mean they have better things to be doing like bidding on ebay for that nirvana paper cuts 10″ acetate

    1. Deluded

      I guess it’s like working in a shop with Christmas music, if you’ve heard it played badly 83,000 times then it must get irritating.
      The sign doesn’t say that you can’t try an instrument.
      By the reasoning of some commenters here we should be free to walk into a tool shop or car showroom and start lashing about with expensive products, sitting in the middle of the place revving the engine or grinding steel.
      I don’t walk in with a feeling that I “own” precision engineering more than the staff, why are some people so hostile to the people tasked with the care of these commercial products?

  3. Rugbyfan

    Which reminds me I need strings for my guitar. Must give Powell’s Music shop on shop Street a call.

    1. Holden MaGroin

      Wow Powell’s Music Shop on Shop Street you say? What’s their number?

      Thanks random commenter!

      1. Rugbyfan

        That’s right Powell’s Music Shop on Shop Street, the place to go for all your needs.

        Later RTE schedules will be available so we can all guffaw at that!

  4. Nullzero

    You don’t have to be a condescending bottom with a massive superiority complex to work in a music shop, but it helps.

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