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CasavettesLimerick alternative upstarts

What you may need to know…

01. A pensive, post-hardcore take on the broad alternative/indie sound is offered up by Limrock upstarts Casavettes.

02. Emerging in the latter half of 2014, the band has steadily built up a presence in their home city with single Maybe Someday and extended-player The Difference and the Distance.

03. Streaming above is new single Reunion, released last week via the band’s Bandcamp, accompanied by sleepy b-side In April.

04. Catch them next on April 7th in Limerick, supporting Anna’s Anchor at the Loft venue in a full-band show, with Empty Lungs and Life Goals alongside them on the bill.

Thoughts: Dense in their heavier moments, and weighing heavy even in moments of relative levity, “evocative” might even be too stock a word for these lads.


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4 thoughts on “You May Like This: Casavettes

  1. Drebbin

    I like that a lot.

    They’re going to get very sick of people asking why they spell their name like that.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      It’s not a great name but then arguably neither are Radiohead, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys etc.

      I think if you’re good enough the name is usually irrelevant.
      Except for Gay Dad obviously.

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