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Brendan Murray – Dying To Try’

Rayne Connery writes:

Singer and musician Brendan Murray will perform the ballad Dying To Try at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv in Ukraine this May.

The ballad was co-written by Swedish song writer Jörgen Elofsson and British song writer James Newman. The song was chosen from over 320 entries by a judging panel of six industry professionals.

Classy power ballad or drippy autotuned nul pointer?

Vote now.

43 thoughts on “Logan 2

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    “The ballad was co-written by Swedish song writer Jörgen Elofsson and British song writer James Newman.”

    Is the granny rule in play here or what?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Yes, it’s descended into farce now. Australia as well in the Eurovision. Load of bull.
      Walking the streets in the Rain was a great song.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    The never ending Eurovision Song. Feel free to add a verse.
    Sung in the style of Crispy Moore

    I’d like to show you here and now, just how to write a song
    It doesn’t have to make much sense, just be three minutes long
    Think about a lake or shore, or a county here or there
    Or a ‘partner’ waiting all alone, a-washing out the hair

    Skidderyeidledoodledomdiddlyeidledoodleday, diddleeidledeetendattendoh
    Diddlyeidleskutteryeidledoodledadledooooh, diddlyeidleflippidyeidle, doodledattle dooooh

        1. the 'bah' lad

          I’d like to tell you here and now, just why i love da ‘sheet
          A (nearly) constant stream of angry/funny sh1t; srsly, no mean feat…
          Think about the gazillion scandals, or sunsets and bad parking,
          And the commenters whether vile or saintly, to a man all f**king barking

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Everyone now! Skidderywidledoodle….etc. Verse noted. This could be a hit.

            Bertie (below) I know a fellow that can play the electric spoons

  3. Kippy Wippy

    “Logan 2”? That confused me: the film is still in the cinema and there is a sequel already?

  4. Shayna

    Good luck to the guy, no matter about it, he’s representing Ireland. When the votes come in, no-one remembers the song, (apart from Logan – dreamy guy in leather….). It’s them against us?

  5. objective

    It’s a gay song fest and attracts Gays of Europe. All we have to do is send Panti. It doesn’t matter whether she can sing or not and we have it in the bag.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Red was Number One in Ireland the day I was born.
      I bumped into him once and told him this.
      “Well that means we’re both old bast*rds!” he said with a smile.

      ( this is a bit of an Alan Partridge anecdote isn’t it? Sorry )

  6. Zena

    I like it, love the romantic feel of it. That said, to win, as someone said previously on this thread, it has to be a catchy, upbeat number.

    Good luck, Brendan.

  7. Verbatim

    A nice song, catchy, it’s a shame that it’ll be wasted on the eurovision kitch-fest.

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