Staying In Tomorrow?


File Photo: Here We Go Again! After Irelands win against Italy, it seems no matter which way the game against France goes, the Irish football team, will ge getting a huge homecoming welcome, to compare with Italia 90. End. PAUL McGRATH RECEIVES PLAYER OF THE TOURAMENT IN COLLEGE GREEN DURING THE ITALIA 90 HOMECOMING 1/7/1990 Photo:

Paul McGrath in College Green, Dublin 2 during the Italia ’90 homecoming


And, if you will, ahh.

On the Late Late Show

Gareth Naughton writes:

As the Irish team prepares for a crucial World Cup Qualifier against Wales, football legend Paul McGrath joins Ryan Tubridy in studio to assess the Republic of Ireland’s chances. He’ll be chatting about the glory days of Irish football and what life has been like for him since hanging up his boots…

Earlier this year broadcaster Maura Derrane, soccer pundit Eamon Dunphy, comedian Jason Byrne and politician Michael Healy-Rae gamely agreed to have their DNA tested to determine their ancestry. On Friday night they will find out the results live on air…

…A perennial favourite, The Late Late Show Antiques Special is back. Viewers will meet the brave souls who’ll be transforming some unloved furniture into treasures to keep.

*refashions telly into footrest*

 The Late Late Show, St Patrick’s Day, RTÉ One at 9.35pm.


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31 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

    1. Dong

      He is. If you would like to hear a good Paul McGrath check out Jarlath Reagan’s podcast, an Irishman abroad. The PMG episode was recorded only a few months ago. Seems like a genuinely nice and humble man but has had a difficult life from the beginning.
      It brought back an encounter I had with him in ’05. I was working in a jean shop in Stephen’s green and he came in-extremely drunk. He bought a few bits and left. A few minutes later we spotted him sitting in the step of what was the 98fm booth. Two of us went over to see us he was ok, at that he broke down crying. He told us he was so drunk that he didn’t remember where his car was parked in the city.
      I really hope he’s in a better place these days.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I prefer my (indirect) story about him. On a train into Munich years ago, I found a little town magazine/newsletter (don’t remember name of town, somewhere outside Munich). It had an article/interview with the town’s “most famous son”, who happened to have been the referee in the Ireland v England match in Italia 90 (don’t remember his name either). In the interview, he was asked about player-influence on referee’s decisions, if players can sway results etc. He was adamant, ‘No’. But then said there was one exception – when Ireland met England in the World Cup in 1990, and two bad challenges would ordinarily have meant that both Irish central defenders being sent off within the first 20 minutes. Said that on both occasions, Irish player Paul McGrath (who might have been captain that night?) intervened and “with good manners, respect, humour” [I remember that bit] calmed things down and persuaded him not to issue red cards.

        Let’s not have any stories about Paul’s drinking…

        1. Dong

          Haha could well believe it. He has a very calm and polite demeanour which doesn’t add up with his physical playing style. I get you but it’s hard not to mention it. Listening to the Jarlath Reagan interview he hinted that was still drinking and after seeing him in that state 12 years ago it’s hard to ignore that elephant in the room.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            Wouldn’t agree that he had a physical playing style at all – one of the most elegant, graceful defenders ever. He got 11 yellow cards in his whole career (500+ games) and never once sent off.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            Quite right, apologies.

            Still, I’d never describe him as a physical player – more Franco Baresi than Neil Ruddock.

      2. Joe cool

        I used to referee soccer at a high level. One day I was doing a match at the AUL Complex. Paul was there to play in a charity match. They put Paul in the referees changing rooms , my shock at walking in to the dressing room and seeing the legend in front of me. Absolutely one of the lovliest blokes you could meet

  1. Formerly Known As

    I will be wearing my OOH AAH t-shirt, with an image of Paul McGrath, on Friday. Nobody will know who he is (in Melbourne).

  2. Birneybau2

    Read something yesterday, Jason Byrne referring to this Comic Relief (would they not do something for the aul sod instead) gig in the 3Arena, saying that with himself, Deirdre O’Kane, Daire o Briain and t’others, that it was like getting the Beatles back together.

    I could say a lot worse but I’ll go with…pillock.

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    Just looking at the Dutch election results. Combine this with what’s happening in Europe and the USA and I’m glad I’m old. Am fervently hoping to age out before the Third world war.

  4. martco

    I’m struggling to come up with an equivalent to Paul in the modern game

    On form he could literally predict where the ball was going to come from 10 seconds ahead, supernatural

    I’ll never forget him hitting the post against Holland in euro88, gaaah!
    I’ll never forget how he saved us again and again against baggio and co. in usa90


    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Yeah, I’d struggle to think of anyone around now with the ability to sniff out and snuff out danger before it happens, Cannavaro was probably the most recent truly great central defender that comes to mind.

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Once they changed the rules on dragging at corners Skrtel was a busted flush imho. I’d have an injury free Agger over him any day.

          2. martco

            very true.
            I wonder how much Paul would’ve been worth in today’s stupid money?
            certainly would have rather Utd paid 100 mil for him over Paul anonymous Pogba, McGrath better than him even as a midfielder

  5. Eoin

    Tubridys voice goes through my head and I want to smack his smarmy face every time I see it. So no, I won’t be tuning in to this muck. I’ll pay for it through taxation or face jail though. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

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