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The White House

Irish journalist takes a selfie/photo-of-ceiling during Donald Trump and Enda Kenny St Patrick press conference in the Oval Office.

It’s not about YOU.



The local guys were already complaining in the White House press room. They’d never before seen such an unmerciful scramble. “I’m surprised they even have TV in Ireland,” a cameraman was overhead snarking to a colleague…


Media goes wild for Trump, but the feeling is not mutual (Miriam Lord, IrishTimes)

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7 thoughts on “The Irish Abroad

    1. Fgshill

      clearly referring to the fragile Entente Cordiale among commenters since the ‘that’s You that is’ post. Well said Finnerty.

  1. Harry, binger of sorrow

    hes going down like LED from here alright

    *cuts power, fastens coat in the confusion*

  2. objective

    Those journalists are just hacks on freebie tours thinking it’s all about them. They’ve disgraced themselves and us!

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Let’s face it…who among us hasn’t gone abroad and disgraced themselves and their nation?

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