The Coolest Whatnow?


original-179-800-iso-closed-speaker-close-up coolest-fanny-infographic-2

The Coolest Fanny or Manny PackTM or CF2 from Common Fibers is a wearable carbon fibre ‘party pouch’ with Bluetooth connectivity and integrated speakers.

Well actually, it’s an April Fool gag but may soon be a Kickstarter project.

If it ever goes into production it’ll cost around €233, which will be the least of your problems if you’re prepared to wear it in plain sight.


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9 thoughts on “The Coolest Whatnow?

  1. DaithiG

    Here in Murica I recon there is loads of people that would wear this.
    They too would put Budweiser in said pouch, which is also sad.

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